Susan Spensley

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

Years ago, I was feeling “spiritually flat.” After 30 years of meditating, I still was longing to be “One with the Divine”… my heart’s life-long desire. In 2002, I heard a lecture with Saniel Bonder (founder of Waking Down) and Sandra Glickman (Senior teacher). They described a “non-Guru-centric path” and the practice of “Greenlighting.” Both spoke to me. I learned that my flat-ness was a natural stage before awakening rather than an indication I had missed my spiritual boat. Many Trillium participants express being “home at last” once they find Trillium Awakening. I was no different. My whole life search was about wanting to “be one with God” and/or Awaken. Trillium/Waking Down directly offered this. Luckily, there was a local teacher and I signed up for a weekly group. I was met, seen, and heard by my teacher. In about 14 months, I awakened! My experience was not fleeting, but grounded in me, and continues to mature.

Trillium allows for us to awaken as we are. We don’t need to get totally clear or healed in order to awaken (a relief!). On our awakening path, we do experience healings before and after the awakening. In fact, some inner healings are better addressed after we awaken. Each person’s awakening is unique with intrinsic offerings. Awakening is not static and continues to expand. Isn’t that wonderful?

In my personal life, I have a psycho-spiritual therapy practice, specializing in trauma reduction. (As a trauma survivor myself, I became trained in several approaches.) I’ve come to understand that most people have had trauma at sometime in their lives. Not being met, seen, or heard as we needed may be a cause of trauma. We can still awaken even with some trauma.

Nature , music, animals, art, children- especially my own grandchildren, all nurture my inner being on this journey of love and loving. I’m a highly sensitive intuitive. I express my awakening in a devotional manner; through the energy of Divine Love, and love of God. My heart would love to share this work with you; to see, hear, and meet you. It is an honor to witness another becoming whole…a sacred, holy, journey.

Thank you for reading my page! Thank you for your presence. Feel free to have an initial conversation with me, to see if we resonate. First session no charge.

Love & Blessings, Susan

“Acknowledgement and nurturing of who we are fosters the brilliance of our inner light and helps heal our wounded places. We are both shadow and light. This is our human journey until we realize we are the All. We have always been the All One. ” – Susan Spensley