Ted Strauss


Welcome Message

Since I was very young, my life has been dedicated to helping millions awaken. At age 13 I began reading eastern philosophy, doing personal development workshops, and taking initiations into consciousness practices. I soon realized that the one thing I could do to help the world was to help people awaken to our innate connection with others and all of life. But it was also clear that I had to find that awakening for myself first.

At 17, I began to practice Transcendental Meditation, and after several years of teacher training, I started working with students. After 10 years I reflected that I’d had plenty of expanded experiences, but I still didn’t feel fundamentally awake in consciousness or very developed in my emotions or relationships. This recognition propelled me into years of deeper searching and practice through numerous schools of personal, spiritual, emotional, and relational development.

Finally, starting around age 40, in the context of Waking Down, I experienced a major consciousness awakening. I realized with continuous clarity that I was the infinite spaciousness that experienced all my thoughts, feelings and sensations. Soon after, I realized I’d spent my life avoiding the limits of my body and I learned to welcome my humanness. After a few months, I fell into a permanent realization of embodied unity, which completely changed my life and, over time, freed me to heal my past and actively live my full potential.

These life-changing shifts propelled me to instigate the creation of structured Waking Down classes and retreats, and in 1998 I began teaching weekend workshops and offering personal coaching sessions. Later, as a senior Waking Down teacher, and with help from other teachers in this work, I designed and taught the mentor and teacher training programs, as well as several advanced programs, most of which continue today.

In 2015, I left the group to focus on codifying my learnings in a model of whole being development that would serve as the basis for a developmental assessment tool and other offerings that would assist people in the process I now call conscious human development. Working in collaboration with Dr. Carole Griggs, we undertook a lot of research, created the iConscious model, the iConscious Assessment, wrote the book iConscious: accelerating human potential, and designed a program for training others to use this information in their personal development, coaching, and business. We also created and presented a masters-level course for JFK University that uses our model to help students understand the history of human development models and approaches. We also used the model as a dialog basis for the Loving AI project, which programmed the famous robot Sophia to help people in their awakening process, with remarkable results (here’s a video I produced with some of the most interesting results).

While that work continues, I felt drawn back to Trillium, and was recently voted back in. I’m excited to apply my deep research and decades of experience in helping you stabilize your consciousness awakening, realize embodied unity (Whole Being Realization), heal your past, and go far beyond that into what I call Singular Realization. If you want to experience fundamental wellness of Being, live your full potential, untangle your relationship conditioning, and experience Flow 24×7, let’s talk. I offer a free introductory 50 minute session.




“Ted’s a rare guy who speaks from advanced non-dual realization, including his own lived reality of No Self, but, also understands that everyone’s path is unique.  He can talk about anything from esoteric spirituality to relationships and the challenges of three-dimensional material life.  I highly recommend working with him: he’s a gem, a gently luminous presence, and lots of fun.”
— Jonathan E. Labman, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Ted Strauss was one of my first teachers on the path of Embodied Spiritual Awakening. Ted is patient, brilliant, creative and knowledgeable. He helped me clarify the distinctions between the ‘flight to light’ — escaping the body to find my spiritual nature — and the deeper work of ‘embodied awakening’ — landing fully in my body to discover my whole-being nature right Here in the midst of my everyday life.  I found a deeper unchanging ground in myself, connection to all that is, and freedom to be myself fully.  Working with him was truly life changing for me!”
— Geri Portnoy, M.A., Founder Yoga of Awakening

“I’m in awe of Ted’s guidance, which is both intuitive and wise. He has helped me tremendously on my path of realizing my total being. He has a profound understanding of personal development based on his own life experience and his deep exploration into true essence. I also feel his compassionate heart and his love for humanity. His open heart makes me relax and I feel he really listens to me and responds in a very personal way. I can highly recommend Ted to everybody – I believe anyone would benefit from his support more than they can imagine.”
— Susan Hill

Ted is one of the smartest, funniest, and most interesting people on the planet. He has a way of translating abstract concepts into grounded, real-life language that vividly captures the essence of whatever is being discussed, as well as a profound capacity to discern what might best support the next phase of a person’s unfolding. He demystifies complex terms and ideas, and is highly creative. Since I met him in 1998, he has been dedicated to serving awakening and human evolution in many innovative ways. Ted is a rare gem, and I recommend working with him.
— Deborah Boyar, PhD

“After my Awakening as Consciousness I was ecstatic at having achieved Self Realization after decades of seeking. I truly knew that “I was That, (Consciousnesses) and I had always been That”.  However I felt like something was still missing. I felt a disconnect between realizing my Limitless nature and still being in the world doing my daily functions as a limited human being. Ted Strauss was the first teacher I worked with who explained that my Awakening also needed to be embodied. Within just a few sessions, he helped me relax into the paradoxical simultaneity of being both Limitless and limited so that I was able to experience the Unity of both. Ted is a remarkable teacher – if you can work with him, don’t miss the chance!”
— Jean Marchand