Victor Antillon

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

I started my search for ‘God’ or ‘The Infinite’ or whatever you want to call THAT in childhood, and began a serious search in my late teens.  I have been involved in many spiritual paths and modes of personality therapy over many years. But at the age of 60, after only 14 months of involvement in the Waking Down community (now Trillium Awakenings), I awakened to what I had always been looking for: the stable realization that I am Infinite and without beginning nor end, while at the same time I am just a normal human being… limited, fearful at times, happy at times…. human, simply human like any other human, like you who are reading this, limited in time and space and bound by circumstance.

I teach the Trillium process by transmitting Being, Consciousness, and Embodiment with you and guiding and holding you as you go through the sometimes confusing dissolution of your inner limiting structures and false beliefs and assist you toward the realization of the YOU that is and always was and always will be.

If you would like to explore the possibility of working together to awaken to your Infinite Self, if we find a connection that works and fosters trust, mutual respect, and honesty, I would be honored to assist you as you explore yourself through this process.


“I have been working with Victor for a couple of years now and the journey has been one of deep holding and exploration. What I love about Victor and his work is his genuine approach that accepts me for me entirely for who I am in the moment, from week to week. He has been a part of my sharing that has reached some dark and deep places and also those of accomplishment and celebration. Victor lives in the holding of deep consciousness and it is from this place that reflection takes place. It is a beautiful and rewarding experience to work with Victor.” ~from Mathilde P.

“I’ve known Victor for a number of years, as the facilitator of our mutuality group. He’s always been a warm, supportive presence, but what really struck me is how consistent and stable is his grounding in Suchness. Regardless of what was going on, he over and over demonstrated and transmitted a participation in the life at hand, and an unwavering realization of realization. Not at all academic: you can really feel it as his core truth.” ~from Marty C.