The Rot: a Deep Soul-level Reconfiguration

As we each take up our torch of self-awareness to explore and deepen into our multi-dimensionality in the Rot, we free ourselves from our outmoded ways of being from the past. As we investigate our shadow aspects and relinquish self-judgment about how we “should” be different than we are, we continue to morph, transform and change in the direction that our soul moves us. These changes stem not from a place of force, but rather from a place of deep patience and self-love (often in the midst of feelings of impatience and self-loathing) as we see and feel more of our impact on the world around us, and register the impact that others have on us, engaging in Mutuality.

We begin to re-cognize what we previously interpreted as our “faults” and, as our self-judgment unravels (with simultaneous experiences of very loud self-judgment and shame), we become more and more freed up to embrace our most natural expression. Over time, there is an invitation to deepen into the awareness of our most natural life rhythm, which includes:

* where we feel most attracted to living

* what time we naturally go to sleep & wake up

* the foods our body asks us for

* when to spend time alone and when to be social

* what activities are most life-giving

* what we want to do for work and play

As we grow accustomed to engaging in deep conversation about what is real–what I like to call “Developing a taste for what is real”– the kinds of people we want to spend our time with may shift. We may change jobs, add or subtract interests, deconstruct outmoded beliefs, relinquish the hold that obligatory events and actions have dictated our calendar, as we examine family of origin and cultural, societal, and gender and/or racially based conditioning.

Our concept of a Higher Power/God/Goddess/the Source of All-That-Is may shift significantly. We may go through periods of needing more or less space from our family, friends, and partner. We may cycle into heavy thought forms and moods. We may take up or let go of social, political, and spiritual causes. We may grow bored with conversations that used to light us on fire, and begin talking about surprising topics.

Our friends, family and co-workers may say things like, “Wow! You are really different! I don’t know who you are anymore!” Some of the changes we make may not be welcomed with open arms by our loved ones and those we work with, because we are perturbing our systems. The earthquakes that are rumbling internally can easily create aftershocks in our community. Some boundaries will shift, as our priorities get rearranged, because that which we value has shifted. We may be greeted with feelings of shock and discomfort and/or relief and excitement, depending upon how our community is affected by our particular way of Rotting. New relationships will form, and old relationships often call for new agreements. Some relationships and jobs may end altogether.

But the beauty of the Rot is that the more deeply we drop into our body and heart, the more direct contact we are able to make with our most essential self, and the more we get a taste of the aspect of ourselves that is unchanged.

It’s not always easy to embrace the feelings that accompany the Rot– which may include disillusionment, boredom, confusion, lethargy, irritation, anger, fear. But the more we are able to permit whatever is arising, the more we are able to free up our vital life force energy which has been used to clamp down on these emotions, mind states and moods.

The more we reach out for support and discover that we are not alone, by talking with peers, mentors, teachers and therapists, the less inclined we will be to try to muscle through and override our essential needs.

The Rot can be a hell of a ride, but it has great rewards!

Over time, we will adjust to all the internal and external changes, and discover that we have more clarity, vitality, self-love and presence than we ever had before. This allows us to move toward the expression of our gifts and deep healing on all levels–psychological, emotional, mental and even physical.

The Rot–it does a body good!

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