Share This Work

A natural expression of spiritual maturity is the desire to share our work with others, and communicate what this work has done for us.

Everyone can be a messenger in their own way.

Benefits of Sharing

It’s important to remember this work is not just for us, but for others, too. Everyone can be a messenger in their own way.

What are the benefits of sharing?

First, sharing activates gratitude.
When we follow the prompts of Being and find ways to share our gifts we enter into flow and equalize pressures that could otherwise build up.

Together, we take this beautiful work into the world to help people awaken.

Sharing our work is an expression of awakening Being, that generates maturity in ourselves and sustainability in our work.

We help our community of awakening practitioners grow and thrive.

Ways to Share

  • Share posts from our Facebook page to your timeline or any groups you belong to.


  • Forward our TA email announcements or newsletters to anyone you think might be interested

Share Your Story

  • Contact your local Area Coordinator to explore ways you could share your TA experience or awakening story at a local event.

Keep Us Posted

  • Email us at if you know of any podcasts that might like to interview us, any conferences where we could present, or any organizations or entities who might be interested in exploring joint ventures with us.
  • If you have other ideas for sharing this work, we’d love to hear them. Email your ideas to, and we’ll be glad to dialogue with you.