The Simplified Short Version of Van’s Evolved Dharma

There is only Ultimate Radiant Divine Being, or the Ultimate Divine Self.

Paradoxically, Ultimate Radiant Divine Being is simultaneously both unmanifested and manifested.

There is nothing/no thing, no one, no where, and no place that is not Ultimate Divine Being.

Ultimate Divine Being is an indivisible singular Supreme Unity.

The complete totality of Ultimate Divine Being is ineffable, indescribable, and something that we cannot either understand with the mind or experience as a “Supreme Object”.

However, there are three aspects (or qualities) of Ultimate Divine Being that we are able to experience.

These aspects are:  Divine Consciousness (supreme transcendental awareness), Divine Shakti-Energy (supreme universal all-pervading vibratory current), and Divine Love and Bliss (supreme all-embracing Heart-core and Mother-matrix of existence)

Since Ultimate Divine Being is simultaneously both unmanifested and manifested (or transcendental and materialized), these three aspects–Divine Consciousness, Divine Shakti-Energy, and Divine Love and Bliss–are simultaneously both transcendental and materialized.

Therefore, the physical plane, the world, and humankind (people) are all none other than materialized Ultimate Divine Being–materialized Divine Consciousness, materialized Divine Shakti-Energy, and materialized Divine Love and Bliss.

When we human beings, individual personal selves, realize this Ultimate Truth and Reality, we are realizing That which we already are, since there is none other than Ultimate Divine Being.

Everyone and everything is That already, inherently and eternally. 

There is nothing/no thing and no one that is not That already.

The gift of this realization occurs through Grace and transmission, most commonly from a highly realized teacher.

After the initial clarification of Whole Being Realization, over time and with cooperative interest, there continues to be a progressive evolution and deepening of realization into more mature and even highly advanced stages of fullest realization.

The spiritual process of realization and its maturation is unique for each person, and unfolds through Grace.

Abiding in a mature Whole Being Realization, when we relax fully, feelingly surrender in a moment by moment manner, and immerse ourselves, we can melt and merge into the singular Supreme Unified Field of Ultimate Divine Being.

In this moment to moment, surrendered, full-feeling recognition of this Ultimate Reality, the personal self (or the “personal wave”) is “temporarily” absorbed and dissolved (even ecstatically) into the singular Supreme Ocean of Ultimate Divine Being, That which it already is.

There is only That, and That is This.

In the matured fullness of the realization of the Ultimate Reality, the personal “me” is allowed to be dissolved into the Supreme Unity and Allness of the singular Ultimate Divine Self, or Ultimate Radiant Divine Being, since the “me” recognizes that there is only That, and That is This.

Though each of us is a paradoxical both/and of being simultaneously absolute and relative (or very divine and very human), ultimately speaking, there is no real distinction between big “B” Being and little “b” being; no real distinction between the big “S” Self and the little “s” self.

All inclusively, I am the Divine Self (or God).  All inclusively, we all are the Divine Self.  All inclusively, everything and everywhere is the Ultimate Divine Self.

Nothing/no thing is not the Ultimate Divine Self.

Every and all experiences come and go.  Whatever starts, in turn, will inevitably end.  The personal self naturally wants to hold onto, and even own, high blissful experiences and have them last forever, or keep coming back in the future. 

So, too, the personal self wants to be the achiever and owner of the heights of spiritual realization.

Through spiritual maturity and fully realized understanding, the focused fixity of the personal self, that believes itself to primarily be a centralized individual identity and the separate owner of all experience and even realization, is deeply relaxed and feelingly surrendered, in the living moment. 

Then he/she is rendered unconditionally open to freely feel and be the paradoxical Supreme Unity, recognizing that all experiences, high and low, are none other than That. 

Using the ocean-wave metaphor, the “personal wave” is surrendered to, and thus, is “swallowed” by the revealed Reality of only One Ultimate Ocean–moment by moment, through realized understanding, natural feeling devotion, and Grace.  

In an ongoing manner, during the course of everyday ordinary realized life, we have the spiritual capacity to remember, enjoy, and recognize (or “re-recognize”) this Ultimate Truth through inference, which is fully informed through mature realization. 

Out of love of Ultimate Divine Being, when we relax attention, in the living moment, and unconditionally open into naturally surrendered full-feeling, we feel and be the Supreme Divine Unity-field of That–That which we already are, now, in this moment, and in this moment.

That which is This. 

Even this “this”, too.

Van Nguyen
March 21, 2020

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