This teaching is about the means of discovery

Trillium Awakening offers not so much an

“Ontology” – what there is

or a

“Cosmology” – what the universe is

as it conveys an

“Epistemology” – how to know

Thus it is oriented toward learning the means to experience both deeply and broadly … more of who each of us is: … “awakening” … “becoming aware of” … the full depth and breadth of each one’s own being – from the deepest shadow to the highest light and flame. Hence there is not an expectation of what your realization will encompass, but rather a validation of your experience … including the experiencer you are finding yourself to be.

Accordingly, we do offer skill sets for expanding the range of your experience. You can expect that in sittings, retreats, or individual sessions, you will be invited and assisted in the process of connecting with and exploring all aspects of your own being – your personal life – body, mind, soul. Spirit – as it is showing up, uniquely in you. Plumbing the depths, reaching to the heights, expanding into the full breadth of your very particular manifestation in this body, this life, now.

Often, because everyone has received and internalized both cultural perspectives and the specific limiting views of those who’ve surrounded us, you’ll find it difficult to open to some aspects of yourself. The Trillium methodology assists you and challenges you to recognize and affirm, and consciously interact with, all aspects of your own being – both limited and Divine.

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