In my mind I had given up on “Enlightenment” a decade ago, yet some irresistible impulse had brought me to these pages. Here I discovered in Steve a humble man about my age who had also tried meditating for decades without much result. With a sharp and refined intelligence Steve was also down to Earth, vulnerable and authentic. He had known pain, and still knew it. I knew he would know mine.
I lingered over his essays for hours and was deeply moved at my core. His words resonated with truth. His words resonated with me. And in a moment of mixed clarity and confusion I confessed, “You are already the truth inside me. I have never felt so lost and so hopeful at the same time.” I couldn’t really grasp what that meant, but every word rang true so with the trust of a child I emailed it to him anyway.
That began a year-long adventure of inner discovery with Steve riding shotgun. I have tears in my eyes now. What resulted in only five months could never have been foreseen, and was inherently unexpectable from my former reference point. By talking (just talking! On the phone! Impossible!) for an hour a week, Steve’s potent love and gentle guidance brought me home to an effortless landing in my own essential nature.  Thirty years of blind seeking finally bore fruit, despite my inherent ignorance.
Liberation in the body is real and while the Scriptures are literally true they are also worthless as a roadmap. Steve is a seasoned guide, intimately familiar with the dead ends and broken bridges on this divinely human journey. He is a human tuning fork in the key of G, and the sympathetic vibration in your heart can only lead you to your own authenticity.
If you are a sincere seeker who has known despair and given up, if your heart is at all moved by his words or mine, then I gently urge you to contact Steve or at the very least a teacher of his same caliber. But in thirty years I have found none equal.
Every being who awakens saves my life. These words carry the blessings of all Beings for you, dear fellow seeker. May you become a finder, in this lifetime, in this very body, at this very moment, right here right now with all your imperfections perfectly intact. It cannot be otherwise.
–Jim Cox — Louisville, Kentucky

I began working with Steve when I was in an extreme emotional and spiritual crisis.  I didn’t even know what the Waking Down work was!  But I knew Steve and his huge heart and trusted that he might be able to help me regain equilibrium.  For months he simply held space for me to grieve and rail… tenderly and without judgement or advice.  I felt totally safe.  As time went on, I began to deeply appreciate the peace and compassion that Steve emanated.  I would come to a meeting with him feeling raw and just walking into the room, felt my heart soothed and my mind settled.  I came to realize that I was really “seen” by Steve, in all my complexity; the best as well as the “wounded” in me… and that he loved it all.  What a gift.  I think this opened the door for me to begin to hold those polarities in myself; to be at peace with them.  Today I feel more grounded and accepting of my life, rather then in a constant state of judgement and compulsion to repair it.  This is a huge liberation and I experience awe of the gift that is my life and even of the traumas that have brought me here.  Steve is a great friend, a gifted teacher and a wide-open, heart-full model of an embodied spiritual life.
–Pam Whitworth — Boulder, Colorado

I’ve done personal growth work for close to 30 years, and so it was not a rarity for me last summer to be at an intensive where a recent interaction with a man in my life had triggered me into working on “my father wound.” What was a complete rarity was that a staff person I had never laid eyes on before in my life–Steve Boggs–picked himself up, more or less unannounced, walked over to me, and spontaneously role-played a version of my ideal father that so gave me an experience of what it would have been like for me to have been cared for by a loving father, that it felt like my whole psyche–not to mention my relationships with men–was uplifted two octaves.
Steve is extremely grounded, extraordinarily kind and has developed the kind of boundaries and inner sense of “what’s called for,” that only comes from having truly taken himself on for a very long time. One ten-minute interaction with him changed my life. I’d recommend anyone to give themselves the gift of time with him.
–Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D. — Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Steve has wide ranging gifts. I always felt deeply received, listened to, and understood, no matter how scattered and crazy I felt. He’s very articulate, often helping be verbalize my feelings in a way I could not. He has a deep capacity for tenderness, as well as very strong presence. I always felt deeply held by him. He’s very responsive to whatever comes up in the moment and meets it with wondrous clarity. Steve is also very generous and loves giving himself in service wherever there is opportunity for him to do this along with openness to receive on my part. This has always been a challenging area for me since I’ve always felt self-sufficient and not needing or wanting anyone’s help. Steve has helped me immeasurably in stretching well beyond my old limits around this issue.
–Paul Lancaster — Fairfield, Iowa

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