The Nature of my Work


By deeply welcoming, meeting, and empowering your whole being, I hope to help catalyze your direct, embodied awakening, and bring healing to your heart. I welcome you to find true intimacy, express your unique gifts, and trust your life.

I will do my best to make contact with you in places where you struggle, and yearn to be met. My intention is to support your process of authentic, integrated, sustainable transformation through…






Somatic education

Appropriate touch

Interactive regulation


As we work together, I will hold you in the dark places, and nurture you as you awaken — as you integrate shadow and light. I will help you regain trust and confidence in yourself and in Being. The relationship we co-create will support your organic human development. This is a spontaneous transformational process that continues to bear fruit and evolve over time. The Trillium path offers a highly functional transmission and approach that consistently yields embodied, nondual awakening.

Many traditional forms of esoteric spirituality emphasize the importance of awakening to the transcendent Consciousness Principle of existence. The nature of Consciousness is timeless, unchanging, absolute, and therefore radically free of the slings and arrows of relative existence. Awakening to Consciousness is of fundamental importance to any truly transformative spiritual path, and is the foundation of the Trillium process. Embodying that awakening is the lifelong work of integration.

The path of mutuality is in many ways a response to the problems inherent in the one-way student-teacher relationship that develops if a teacher is seen not only a trusted guide, but also the ultimate, unquestioned authority. Although a student’s recognition of the greater wisdom and experience of a teacher creates an entirely natural and appropriate kind of functional hierarchy, there are various ways to inhabit that relationship. I am deeply committed to exploring healthy, vibrant, nourishing forms of student-teacher relationship as an essential aspect of my work, including catalyzing development for individuals to become teachers who serve others in their own right, and continue passing the torch of awakened presence and Love.

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