The Wisdom of Not Knowing

When thinking drops off as a touchstone – then speaks Clarity, and I worship it”

from “The Radiant Dark Before Dawn” By Sharon Gilbert

To me, holding a possibility of “not knowing” is fundamental to our whole-being realization path. As we move into living from the core of our being, from the awareness of who we are as an amalgam of both human and divine realities, our relationship with what we think we know begins to reflect this paradox.

We may become more skeptical of our judgments and assumptions and not participate as wholeheartedly in the mind’s familiar characterizations and its need to plan ahead and figure things out.

Conversely, we may begin to feel comfort and delight in the felt sense of openness that comes with not knowing – especially in how we relate to the intimate aspects of our being such as awareness or truth or love. A trust grows that more and more of what we need to know and what we need to do will surface as needed. This is not to discredit the amazing capabilities and necessity for mindful discrimination, only that it begins to moderate into more of a supporting role in our identity. Our default for what is real begins to move down into the heart and body where a spontaneous accounting is always available if you learn to look for it.

The medium of mutuality, employed within ourselves and with others, is our practice for being in the collective field of not knowing, for recognizing sensitivities and for exploring what is true for us now. It is a gift for catalyzing continued discovery and integration and is a valuable tool no matter what degree of awakening we’re living. 

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