Timeless Transmission

We’ve all had the experience of returning to a spiritual book and understanding the words in a new way. We’ve also had the experience of reading a passage that directly speaks to something in our Being. These connections are especially validating when they come from ancient traditions .You can find passages from any scripture that resonates for you in this way,  but some more than others will enliven the essence of what is real for you.

Recently some Trillium teachers and practitioners have been reading “The Recognition Sutras”, written 1000 years ago and newly translated by Christopher Wallis. It has within its pages many non dual Tantric Shaivism teachings that complement some of our Trillium Teachings. I found that  being with these sutras and commentary was valuable on many levels.

• The forms of expressions in this book provide descriptions of awakening and integration resonate with many of our present day teachings.

• A  treatise that describes modern day awakenings validates those awakenings from a timeless perspective.

• Reading, or intuitively sensing, the Sutras is in itself a transmission of the knowledge expressed.

• The Sutras help to clarify the differences between ancient and modern communication methods and how these Recognitions are transmitted to students differently in different ages.

* Reading the Sutras can highlight the aspects of our Core Teachings that are not expressed or easily found in these ancient expressions. For instance, the role of mutuality.

* These Recognition Sutras compare and contrast its teachings with the contemporary traditions of knowledge of the time including Vedic and Buddhist teachings on awakening. The comparisons are just as valid today.

• The  detail, range and comprehensive expressions and commentary found in this text will open you to the immediacy and fullness of identification with divine Awareness.

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