Toolkit for our Work Together

Along with reading, basking in the transmission, and receiving direct teaching guidance in one-on-one and group settings, I have noticed that there are some very specific practices that enable practitioners of this way to make the best use of this body of work.

A Regular form of Mindfulness Practice.

The joy and freedom that accompany this body of work come about when a student jumps in as a willing participant, bringing Mindfulness to the table of their life. Mindfulness is a hybrid of awareness and directed attention to what is arising in the moment. This practice yields, over time, a more expanded view of life, and a more easeful existence, as the Witness grows within. Bringing intentional, repetitive attention to the space around life, which is always present, always aware, lessens judgment and evokes more loving kindness toward self and other. This practice is essential for those of you who want to deepen into life, no matter what stage of embodied awakening you are in.

Cultivation of Curiosity & Humor.

If you really want to awaken in this particular way, know that this path is not the path of least resistance. You must approach your inner and outer work with a fresh batch of curiosity and humor. This will help keep you from judging yourself and the world around you too much or trying to have it all make logical sense. This path has its own Way–if you are really tuned in, you will receive directions that will challenge your conditioning and the logic of the mind. You will learn to trust that there is a greater intelligence at work on your behalf, to bring you to the exact places and people that will enable you to grow in just the right ways. If you can greet each moment with the question, “What is wanting to happen through me?” or “Hmmm…I wonder what’s next?!” your curiosity and humor will lead you to a life full of surprises, synchronicities and…dare I say…miracles!

A Strong Support Team.

You will need friends, family, practitioners, and mentors, including an on-call therapist, who can really be there for you on this path. Lean on them and ask for exactly what you need. Of course there will be times when others won’t be able to be there for you (that’s life!), so you will also need to learn to be there for yourself. Be your own best friend! I will help you learn how to do that.

In addition to your earthly support team, you may also find energetic and intuitive support from spirit guides, animal totems, angels, and any form or forms of the divine takes for you, i.e. God/Goddess, Mother, Father, deities, ascended masters, etc.

Excellent Self-Care.

I encourage you, as we work together, to make self-care one of your top priorities. Regular exercise, connection with nature, regular social contact, a mindful diet, space and time for yourself, and attention to your overall health and essential needs will be crucial. Attuning to your needs in this way will allow you to tap into your strength, nurture your mind and body, and have healthy outlets.

The specific way essential needs arise varies from person to person, but I find that Marshall Rosenberg’s Needs List fits the bill quite well. His list includes: autonomy, celebration of life, integrity, interdependence, physical nurturance, play, mental, and spiritual communion. This is an aspect of your wellness that I will check in with you regularly about.

Openness to Feedback.

If you are willing to approach your life and our work together as a lifelong learner, staying open to feedback, sincerely ready to be transformed in spontaneous ways by spirit, then we may be a good match for one another. True transformation requires friction. Friction will inevitably arise through interactions in mutuality with peers, teachers, mentors, family, friends, and, finally, within your own mind and heart. I’ve come to expect it, because it is truly a part of life. Meeting this friction with a willingness to learn something new about yourself and the needs of your relationships is crucial, in the practice of Mutuality.


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