Trust Yourself

I cannot overemphasize the transformative power of deeply embracing the material; the physical, the earthy, the bodily, the feminine;  the hidden, the mysterious, the intuitive.  This is particularly true for people who have spent decades cultivating the transcendent, the non-material, the light, the one, the true, the pure, the immovable.  We often only tolerate our bodies seeking transcendence, dreaming of luxuriating in higher states of consciousness above our physical dimension.  For life-long transcenders like I was, relaxing into feeling the deep bodily reality in ourselves can be stunningly transformative.

If you really listen, you will hear a trustable voice within your own being.  It doesn’t speak through a bullhorn but is thunderous in its implications and what it reveals.  It speaks in the cries and whispers of your heart which may normally go unheard or ignored.  When you let go of all your old habits of self-discipline, self-control and self-improvement, you find to your utter amazement that a current of evolution is moving in you which is not reliant on teachers, teachings, organizations or movements.  It is original, unpredictable, challenging, natural, risky, heedless, compassionate and ruthless.  It is self-sustaining and self-validating.  It is your own truth.

© Steve Boggs  2010

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