Tumultuous Times

The New Year has brought to the forefront more clearly than ever before the limitations of perceiving with just the mind, of interpreting reality primarily through a default system of belief and opinion.  As we are bombarded with data bolstering ideological positions from all sides, the need to transcend the digital world and integrate a more comprehensive truth has never been greater–to connect with a more foundational area of our being that can hold differences, is comfortable with not knowing, and that thrives on fully living the paradoxical nature of who we are.

Twenty-five years ago Saniel Bonder had a series of seminal insights into the nature of spiritual development that are the basis of our Trillium work. These insights are as fresh and valid and alive today as they were then. Over the years our work as Trillium teachers has been to create a delivery system that translates this knowledge into teaching formats that lead to awakenings.

These formats have taken the form of refinements in gazing transmission, personal sessions, teacher led sittings, mutuality circles, retreats, on-line courses, organizational and hierarchical structure, and community events. Trillium’s group dynamics of awakening are all designed to safely bring forward the innate knowledge and intelligence of each person toward an expansion of identity in all directions:  up, to an ownership of our conscious nature; down, into our personality, proclivities, and patterning; and out, from our heart into our relationships. 

We begin to live from the wholeness of our being, not just the mind, and over time become fluent in the language of mutuality to foster respect, humility, empathy, and personal transcendence–necessary skills through which to navigate and thrive in these tumultuous times.

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