Our awakening process includes mutuality, a style of conscious relating in which you honor both yourself and others as unique expressions of Being. Mutuality involves profound respect for others, listening deeply, and reflecting consciously. It also means honoring and speaking your truth while making room for others to do the same—which can be challenging. Over time, mutuality builds trust and creates deep healing and transformation in your life and relationships.

Joining a peer-based Mutuality Circle can provide the context for you to further strengthen the skills needed for mutuality. In the context of a Trillium Mutuality Circle, participants gather to mutually hold and empower one another in their whole-being realization process.

The foremost principle guiding Mutuality Circles, whether in person or online, is that everyone is fundamentally already okay, exactly as they are, no matter what aspect of their total being is arising at any moment. Our work in mutuality is to practice radical acceptance in the moment, “greenlighting,” bringing compassion and kindness to each other in contrast to the pressure to change or to be different from the way you are – which we often encounter elsewhere. In this climate of safety, deep healing and transformation will occur organically: your own being knows what is needed now, for you . . . and the group consciously supports that natural unfolding in its own sequence and timing.

To “practice” mutuality is both to further ingrain this stance of living in oneself and also to support its enlivening in one another. Mutuality circles offer reinforcement and encouragement. Each participant takes an open, accepting attitude toward the others that is supportive and non-judgmental. Participants listen deeply to what you share without trying to “fix” you, tell you the “right way” to deal with issues, or offer dogmatic answers to your questions.  Creating a space for each person’s truth is the core of the group’s intention, and your group will support you in finding your own way to Whole Being Awakening. Everything that is shared in these circles is confidential, which is essential for creating safety.

Trillium teacher CC Leigh, said this: “Just as gazing addresses our deep need to be seen, conscious sharing addresses our deep need to be heard in a nonjudgmental way.” The experience of being accepted just as we are by others helps us to take that accepting stance toward ourselves. Being heard in this way can lower our resistance to being exactly as we are, and drop us more fully into our awakening

Mutuality Circles are a rich means to supplement your personal sessions and sittings led by Trillium Awakening teachers.

If your area doesn’t yet have a local community, we encourage you to join a virtual mutuality circle. If your area does have local sittings or mutuality circles, you’re also welcome to join virtual circles in addition to  your local participation. Participating in virtual circles enables you to connect with our practitioners around the world.

Peer-Facilitated Virtual Mutuality Circles

These groups are facilitated by experienced practitioners and meet via video or by phone. Many are closed, which means that their members are committed Trillium Awakening practitioners who meet regularly. To enhance the safe container, drop-in attendance is not permitted.

If you are interested in joining a virtual mutuality circle, please review the prerequisites and complete the sign up form below.


1) Regular sessions or sittings with a Trillium Awakening Teacher.
2) Completion of a Trillium Awakening  introductory course  OR attendance at one or more Trillium Awakening teacher-led workshops.
3) A commitment to honor our Guidelines for Practicing Mutuality is also required.