Our Virtual Sittings program with Trillium Awakening teachers are a way of supporting you in your unique awakening process and enabling you to build your spiritual community with others from all over the world.

What is a Virtual Sitting?

A sitting is a warm, welcoming, small group gathering led by Trillium Awakening teachers and may be assisted by mentors of this work.

Our sittings include:

  • silent meditation
  • gazing meditation (open-eye meditation)
  • teacher presentations, exercises, or discussions about a topic relevant to your awakening process
  • personal sharing time for you to explore issues currently relevant to your process while the rest of the group helps hold the space through deep listening
  • one-on-one reflection by the teacher to assist you in your awakening

Virtual Sittings take place on your computer using an online video-conferencing service that we provide, and last approximately two hours.


If you are new to Trillium Awakening, your prerequisites are attendance at an online Trillium Awakening Introduction or participation in a Free 1-on-1 Introductory Session with a Trillium Awakening teacher.

If you are not new to Trillium Awakening, your prerequisites are previous participation at an in-person or virtual sitting, workshop, or retreat, or having sessions with a Trillium Awakening teacher.

Virtual Events Schedule

Go to our Virtual Events Schedule to choose a teacher or topic that resonates with you or simply pick a time that works best. The suggested contribution for each Virtual Sitting is $20-30 and is paid when you register for the sitting. Once registered, a link to our online video-conferencing service will be sent to you via e-mail.

New to all this?

If you are completely new to Trillium Awakening, we ask that you first attend a TA Introduction.