Wake Up My Little One

Wake up My Little One; you were having a bad dream.”

“Oh, we were kicked out! They said we have to leave the garden.”

“Ahh, Sweetheart, we still have the garden; it is always our home.”

“But our Father was angry with our Mother. He said we must leave; he said she must not climb the tree; he said she may not taste the fruit.”

“Who told you such a story, my Dear? Your Father and Mother love each other and they love us as well. They have created the garden for us, out of that love.” 

“The serpent was bad, in my dream. He showed our Mother the fruit, and she ate it, and our Father was angry, and made us leave.”

“It’s alright my Little One; everything is alright. The serpent is meant to climb the tree, and the fruit is for all of us to share. This dream is only a story meant to fool us. You can dream a different dream. Whoever tells you such stories, ignore them. You know our Father and Mother in your heart; you know they love us. Why would He give us these gifts, and then deny them to us? Someone has told you this story, but you can release it now.”

It was only a dream, My Love. Dream a different dream.

I invite you to join in a con-versation, a speaking together. This speech may ex-press, breathe outward, what you are feeling within… in your body, your heart, or your living; it may touch on your reflections about those feelings; memories may arise. There may be stories you’ve told before, or stories you didn’t know you carried. Perhaps there’s a path you’ve been walking, or one you’ve been trying to find. These things and more. In any case, this expressing, breathing out, in mutuality, will bring more material into awareness, where you may gently hold it, bidding it welcome. My role is to hold and welcome it with you. In this work, all of you is welcome; nothing is outside of the whole of your continuing awakening.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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