Whole Being Clarification FAQs

Why is it important to clarify my Whole Being Realization?

While not an endpoint in itself, Whole Being Realization is an important milestone on the journey of embodied awakening—a milestone that is too often overlooked in other paths of awakening. Whole Being Realization occurs when you drop, or land, in the paradox of being both your divine Self and your human self simultaneously, and recognize the manner in which divine immanence is arising in and as everything. Far more than just conceptual knowledge, this becomes a lived truth, a shift in the ground from which you are living.

Clarifying your WBR generally creates a relaxation of any mental confusion and doubt, which shifts your focus to the many unfolding aspects of embodied awakening available to you, as well as the integration of all levels of your existence.

It can be valuable to consciously acknowledge these shifts and movements in Being with the companionship of a trained guide. He/she can often point out the stages they see opening next in your individual process.

When should I have a Clarifying Conversation?

You might wish to have a Whole Being Clarifying Conversation when you feel there’s been a shift in your ground of being from the personal to the simultaneity of personal/transcendental. Or if you’re simply curious to discover where you might locate yourself on the Trillium Awakening map.

And, in particular, if your Trillium Awakening teacher senses you might have gone through this shift and suggests you ask for a Clarifying Conversation.

If the shift is very recent, we recommend allowing 4-6 weeks to pass before scheduling your Clarifying Conversation.

What courses are available after clarification of my Whole Being Realization?

You will become eligible to participate in courses reserved for those who have clarified their Whole Being Realization. Several advanced courses are designed to catalyze further growth in Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality:

  • Navigating Your Whole Being Realization
  • Deepening in Your Whole Being Realization
  • Advanced Mutuality Skills

These courses will also begin to prepare you to step forward in service as a mentor, and then a teacher, of Trillium Awakening, should you so desire.

More courses designed for people in their awakened life are in development by Trillium Awakening teachers. Stay tuned!

Why bother having a Clarifying Conversation when I already know I’ve gone through the Whole Being Realization shift?

There’s no particular need to ask for a Clarifying Conversation unless you feel drawn to serve as a mentor or teacher of Trillium Awakening. However, some people enjoy exploring the finer nuances of awakening, especially with the support of trained guides who have studied its expression in many different people. Others enjoy sharing their experience with those exploring similar phases of spiritual unfoldment. Most everyone who participates in a Clarifying Conversation reports a quickening in their process of becoming whole. They become more able to focus on areas they had overlooked, and round out their evolution as a divinely human being.

How long does the Clarifying Conversation last?

Typically, Clarifying Conversations last 60-90 minutes, and sometimes include a brief follow-up at no additional charge.

Occasionally, more substantive follow-up conversations are recommended if more time is needed to explore one’s spiritual history, or if the Clarifier suggests a pause to let the conversation integrate before revisiting it.

Can the Clarifying Conversation be conducted online?

Absolutely. Most Clarifying Conversations are conducted via Zoom video conferencing, which allows the conversation to easily be recorded. A copy of the recording will be provided to you after the conversation for your personal use and for sharing with your TA teacher if you so desire.

What happens during a Clarifying Conversation?

Your conversation will be a dialogue with an experienced Clarifier, who will invite you to share your experience of awakening, and ask questions to help evoke the nuances of your realization. You will also be able to ask questions to help you better understand your process and its next stages of unfolding.

Please note that Clarifying Conversations are open-ended explorations that may or may not lead to confirmation of your Whole Being Realization. Participants typically find value in discerning their current stage in the Trillium Awakening process through conversation with a discriminating, experienced Clarifier. 

What if I am unsure if I have gone through my Whole Being Realization?

You are totally welcome to request a Clarifying Conversation if you are uncertain about its outcome. In fact, you can use the conversation as a means of checking with someone knowledgeable about the areas where you are unsure. It’s possible that your encounter with the Clarifier will put your remaining doubts to rest. Or, it’s possible that the Clarifier will recommend areas for you to explore with your teacher to support your ongoing development and awakening.

What if I’m close, but haven’t yet stabilized my Whole Being Realization?

Your Clarifier will assist you in exploring how to refine your understanding of your unique awakening process, and propose next steps for you to pursue, either independently or with a Trillium Awakening teacher.

Doesn’t this process lead to “spiritual ego”? Or create categories of “haves vs. have nots”?

We generally find that the process of clarifying our larger Identity leads to integrating it with our humanity, which leads to greater humility and capacity to empathize with others. In any case, we find it more useful to risk some “spiritual ego” among our community members through claiming and acknowledging embodied awakening, than trying to avoid it by not naming and claiming it. In other words, we find a real benefit in owning and sharing our experience and understanding.

How do I prepare for my Clarifying Conversation?

In addition to simply maturing in your own unique awakening process, becoming familiar with the Trillium Awakening dharma will be most helpful. You can strengthen your discernment by attending Trillium Awakening courses and events, working with a Trillium Awakening teacher, and reviewing Chapters 9 and 10 in Becoming Divinely Human: A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening by CC Leigh. 

Can you interpret my experience from other spiritual paths and clarify my location on the map of Trillium Awakening?

Yes. Our Clarifiers have rich backgrounds in many traditions, and are trained to discriminate the nuances of your experience and how they relate to the dharma of Trillium Awakening.

How do I request a Clarifying Conversation?

Contact Sandra Glickman to indicate your interest, and mention the Trillium Awakening teacher you’ve been working with (if any). Sandra will assign you to a Whole Being Clarifier, who will contact you to schedule your conversation, and invite you to briefly describe the highlights of your understanding and development.

How much does it cost to have a Clarifying Conversation?

The fee is $85, payable directly to your Clarifier.