Whole Being Consummation

Trillium Awakening as expressed by Fax Gilbert

For me awakening is a movement into who we are as consciousness, who we are as a person and who we are in relationship. A whole being awakening. This movement can have specific transition points (recognitions, peak experiences) or can emerge as more of a flow, where the integration takes place gradually, as with a sunrise. The awakening(s) coalesce into an ownership of a more comprehensive identity grounded in Being, filtered through our mind/body and expressed in relationship.

This awakened identity is initially experienced as paradoxical. We feel the discomfort of being both simultaneously connected to and separate from life, of being pure spirit in and as the limitations of a body. In one moment we can feel absorbed in the expression of our political point of view and, in the next, fall into the fullness of our being as expressed in all beings. It is the recognition of a marriage of and beyond opposites, mutually coexisting as us.

With time this conscious marriage goes through cycles of integration. More and more moments present themselves where wholeness of being is present not just as a seamless knowing, but as a lively feeling, a poignancy which merges both the flow and point values of life. Moments where the boundaries, limitations and pain of human life are experienced as a tender holding as if held in the lap of an infinite Presence. Where distinctions between inner and outer blend toward an infinite synchrony that begins to dominate awareness.

The gradual intensification of this poignancy is expressed as our seeing, feeling, knowing, being, living, and merging as divine love and becomes the consummation of the human divine marriage known as the Second Birth awakening.

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