Consciousness, Witness & Source

NOTE: In this consideration, I am inviting us to tune into the direct transmission of the words ‘witness’, ‘consciousness’ and ‘source’. 

SUMMARY: ‘Source’ is not another word for ‘consciousness’. It is not simply a word that bypasses the awkwardness and transcendent-centrism of attributing origin and origination to consciousness. Whole being source is revealed through a fulfilment of the whole being embodiment journey. 

IN THE TRILLIUM WORK, the initial whole being realisation includes a component that we often call “the witness”. 

We can check where we find that in our three-centered bodily anatomy (head, heart, belly), and I find it more associated with the head centre, and also with the eyes. Not exclusively by any means, but still distinctively. Some people report the witness as sitting slightly above and behind the head.

‘Consciousness’ is closely related and subtly different. Again, it has some affinity with the head centre, though not exclusively, since each centre (head, heart, belly) has within it a fractal of the three. Even as consciousness permeates and illuminates the body in the embodiment process, it is usually still possible to recognise the significant association with the head centre.

Sometimes I sense consciousness as a cone or vortex that opens out from the upper half or crown of the head into infinite space, like the crown of a tree opens up toward the heavens.

Now, in some traditions of spirituality, consciousness has been understood as “supreme”:

  • “consciousness is our true nature”
  • “supreme consciousness”
  • “consciousness is everything and everything is consciousness”
  • “consciousness [as origin] vibrates out as form”

But a fresh evolutionary perspective is revealing itself in our Trillium work.

We are not only following the cone of consciousness in the (apparently) ascending direction. We are also following that same vortex to its singular origin. We are ‘descending’ into the core, surrendering to the implacable attractive force of gravity itself.

This “descent” takes us through some awakening stages, which are beautifully and profoundly expressed in the Whole Being Evolution Map.

In the Fire of Life stage, we come to the innermost core, and to a threshold.

In the Beyond Self phase, we are noticing emergent source at this threshold.

The word ‘source’ here is not simply another word for ‘consciousness’ or another way of saying ‘supreme consciousness’.

Try this exercise: Say the word “witness” to yourself and move your hands to each of the three centres. See where you find the witness most distinctively located. Try the same with consciousness. There’s no right or wrong for this.

Now take the word ‘source’ and do the same thing.

Source is just so very different! Related, but so very different. We are attuning to the direct transmission of these words.

Whole being source is discovered at the threshold—and, impossibly, across the threshold—of the innermost core, such that there is no longer a threshold, just an effortless free-fall, following a movement that is “in and in and in”, into the infinite interior, which is ever emerging from a single point, a zero point, that has no size, that itself is not in the field of this existence at all. (Even when we go “out into space” in our rocket ships and probes, in reality, it’s the same movement: we are going in and in and in towards the centre, and the language of space travel captures that: out into space.)

For myself, attuning to source gravitates my hands to my belly, and more precisely to the womb (which you have too, even if you don’t have one). It’s palpable. Source is the infinitely inward centre of my body being, the infinite in-finite.

It could be anywhere in the body, but it gravitates to the womb.

Whole being source is revealed by surrendering to this gravitational free-fall into the infinite centre that we call “dropping” in the Trillium work.

In that womb, the miracle of love is the spark that bridges the impossible divide, brings conception, and a new form is called into being.

And of course, source is the same infinite centre that is everywhere in everything, always, every celestial orb, every atom, every cell, every particle, every black hole, ever revealing itself in-as-through all of creation.

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