Trillium Awakening is…

A spiritual path and international community led by a diverse collective of 40+ teachers with unique backgrounds and orientations who share a three-petaled approach that integrates Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality to help people awaken to Whole Being Realization – non-separate conscious embodiment.

YOU might be feeling a mysterious pull toward knowing your true nature or a growing discontent with the world, yet you aren’t really sure what that means, or how to realize your true nature or navigate that discontent. Trillium Awakening can help. To learn more, sign up for a FREE Virtual Introduction or book a FREE session.

Our Mission

Trillium Awakening supports the conscious awakening of individuals as their authentic embodied selves in intimate mutuality with all life.

Awaken Now Just as You Are

You can awaken in the midst of everyday life, find stability amidst uncertainty, transform your relationships, unlock your unique potential, and engage more fully in your life and world. 

We’ve had remarkable success in helping more than 500 ordinary people across the globe realize their true nature. Many of them had been disillusioned but found the awakening they longed for amidst the fresh aliveness of the Trillium path.

Find out how Trillium Awakening’s three-petaled teaching approach – Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality – meets you just as you are, and helps you discover your own unique journey to awakening.

When you engage with the Trillium path,
you can experience…

A fundamental sense of well-being, with more ease and trust in life

Increasing freedom to express yourself authentically

Increasing capacity for deep intimacy in relationship

Landing in the truth of who you really are, in a connected, supportive community

A tender, porous, burning communion with all of existence

Ways to Engage on the Trillium Path

Trillium Offerings

Explore Trillium offerings to support your process of embodied awakening in a compassionate culture of mutuality.

Many are led by teachers, some are peer-based. Some are free, some are contribution-based, and some have a set fee.