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Attend a Virtual Introduction

Join our teachers in this free online Introduction as they offer you a first-hand taste of this practice and its teachings. 

This Introduction is the first step toward becoming part of a global community of Trillium Awakening students who meet in monthly virtual or in-person gatherings, workshops and retreats all over the world.  Once you attend a virtual Introduction, you are eligible to attend weekly virtual sittings.

Connect with a Teacher and Mentor

Personalized, one-on-one support lies at the heart of our work, and is a major factor why so many awaken on this path.

Build your awakening support team by selecting a Trillium Awakening certified teacher. Meeting with them regularly by Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in-person will greatly accelerate your awakening.

Completing a free session leads to other benefits:

  • Reduced fee sessions with teachers
  • Free mentor sessions in between teacher sessions
  • Eligibility to attend weekly teacher-led  virtual sittings, peer mutuality circles, and other events

Read Divinely Human by CC Leigh

Becoming Divinely Human: A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening
by CC Leigh

Many seekers flounder at some point, and feel thwarted from fully living the illuminated life. Author and senior Trillium Awakening teacher CC Leigh tells the truth about the challenges you will likely undergo during the heroic journey of awakening, and offers a proven, step-by-step process to guide you to a confident, stable, whole-being transformation. You will discover:

  • How to tell if embodied awakening is right for you
  • Why the darkest times often precede radical transformation
  • How to get beyond fleeting illumination and achieve permanent, stable awakening
  • This inspired book shines light upon the often-bewildering journey from the dark night of spiritual disillusionment into the light of embodied awakening.

Events & Courses

  • In-Person Events

Attend a local event to experience the transformative power of this work in person.

Take our Discovery Course

Dare to accept this unique invitation to awaken just as you are.

The Discovery Course offers the opportunity to work in small, teacher led groups, with periodic peer group sessions to interact with the key elements of the Trillium teachings, read teacher essays and watch videos as well as opportunities for experiential practice of the key concepts.

  • Tap into your infinite self – Not as a thought or idea, but as a real experience.
  • Awaken as you are in a thriving community of loving souls and realized beings.
  • Awaken as you are in a thriving community of loving souls and realized beings.

Embark on Your Journey to Awakening Now!

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