Free Introductory Offerings

Trillium Awakening Introduction Virtual Group

Join our teachers in this free online Introduction as they offer you a first-hand taste of this practice and its teachings. 

This Introduction is the first step toward becoming part of a global community of Trillium Awakening students who meet in monthly virtual or in-person gatherings, workshops and retreats all over the world.  

Explore the following topics:

  • Essential elements of this practice: Consciousness, Embodiment, Mutuality
  • How Mutuality is the fuel that catalyzes embodied awakening
  • “Whole-Being Realization” and its importance for spiritual development
  • Basic practices of Trillium Awakening
  • An experience of group Mutuality while live on the call
  • How to engage this path for yourself and ignite your own awakening

Introductory Session with a Teacher

A free 45-minute session with one of our teachers is an excellent place to explore Trillium Awakening.

We have 40+ realized teachers with all different backgrounds and styles who are dedicated to the wild flowering of this heart-full path in the world. Our teachers can help you explore where you are on your journey and learn more about how the Trillium path can accelerate your awakening, and bring you more of the joy and wellbeing you long for. They are ready to answer your questions and help you assess where you are on your path of awakening and what your next steps might be.

These free sessions are available to those who:

  • are brand new to Trillium Awakening and would like to learn about this path
  • are new and would like to meet the prerequisites for attending a virtual sitting
  • have been following us for a while but haven’t yet engaged with us
  • have engaged with us in the past and would like to reignite their involvement

Introductory Teacher Session

Below is the list of Trillium Awakening teachers who are offering free sessions. Click on the names of the teachers who interest you, and you’ll be taken to their teacher pages where you can learn more about the teacher. Email the teacher with whom you would like to schedule a free session. Please limit yourself to a free session with no more than two teachers.

If you are new to Trillium Awakening, we ask that you watch our Introductory Video Series and read About Embodied Awakening on the Trillium Path BEFORE your free session with a teacher.

Your free session leads to other benefits: