Trillium Awakening Expressions

June 2024 Issue 64
Featured Expression: The Big Bang Blows Its Own Horn by Kendra Kehde
Community Announcements:
–  Kirstin Eventyr poem published in the Blue Heron Review
– Jim Hutcheon and Joy (Diane) Utter took a trip to Belize to study bats!
– Trillium Transmission Immersion at the fabulous Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center
– Jill Schroder’s Seasonal Notes
– Subhaga’s Transitory finalist in the Transgender Poetry category of the Lambda Literary Awards
Call for Submissions

May 2024 Issue 63
Featured Expression: Photography by Denise Gallagher
Community Announcements:
Braving the Body, anthology of poets, including Subhaga, exploring various facets of embodiment
– Fairfield’s 15th Annual Spring Feast
– Trillium Transmission Immersion at Breitenbush Hot Springs
– Jill Schroeder: Seasonal Notes

April 2024 Issue 62
Featured Expressions: Poetry Awakening Poems
– Kirstin Eventyr, Everything that Dies Is Soft in the End
– Heather Reed, Writing You in Winter
– Micke Mastro, Crestfallenness
Community Announcements:
– Subhagas new collection shortlisted for national prize
– Poems by Mirabai in New Translations
– Trillium Transmission Immersion at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center

March 2024 Issue 61
Featured Expressions: Surprising Grace, by Fax Gilbert, Ken Dvoren, The Magic of Surrender
Community Announcements: Nick Neilson book series, Trillium Transmission Immersion at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center

February 2024 Issue 60
Featured Expression: A Thrilling New Novel by Nick Nielsen
Community Announcements: Trillium Transmission Immersion at Breitenbush Hot Springs

January 2024 Issue 59
Featured Expressions: Poems and Photos from Geoff and Leslie Oelsner
Community Announcements:
– Trillium Transmission Immersion at Breitenbush Hot Springs
Transitory by Subhaga selected by Bellevue Literary Review as one of their Book Recs for 2024
– Call for Your Submissions

December 2023 Issue 58
Holiday Offerings:
– Allan Morelock’s Nothing Other and Raindrops Falling on the Ocean
– CC Ledigh’s Becoming Divinely Human: A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening
– Jennifer Mayol’s Strange Grace Journey Deck: For Healing, Clarity, and Attunement
– Joanne Lee’s Venus Divination Deck and Create! Book
– Krishna Gauci’s The Tapestry of Being: Talks on Practical Mysticism
– Rod Taylor’s New Principles of Awakened Relationship: Mutuality as a Dynamic Component of Our Awakening Nature,
– Trillium Awakening Self-inquiry Card Deck
~ Community Announcements

November 2023 Issue 57
Gender is a construct, Featured Expressions: They from Strange Grace Journey Deck by Jennifer Mayol, Transitory, a book of poems by Subhaga Crystal Bacon ~ Community Announcements

October 2023 Issue 56
Featuring Louise Gluck appreciation and her poem October, Featured Expressions: Fax Gilbert “How did you get started in mime?” and Who is She? A poem by Fred Harris

September 2023 Issue 55
Featuring Breaking to Become – a poem by Kirstin Eventyr, Featured Expression: It’s Essential: Kirstin Eventyr’s Light Blossoms ~ Announcements from the Community

August 2023 Issue 54
Featuring The August Preoccupations – a poem by Catherine Barnett, Layers and Surprises: Tom Anerine’s Art ~Announcements

July 2023 Issue 53
Featuring The Nature of Freedom by Subhaga, CREATE! with Joanne Lee ~ Announcements

June 2023 Issue 52
Featuring Running Heart by Elaine Cooperman, What’s in a Name, an essay by Fax Gilbert ~ Announcements

May 2023 Issue 51
Featuring A Focus Feature on Wayne Kington, Kirsty Morphett music, Cielle Backstrom creative expression ~ Announcements

April 2023 Issue 50
Featuring Farewell Message from Fax Gilbert, Three Paintings by Kate Chapman, Earth is the welcome home, a poem by Kirstin Eventyr, In my kitchen at midnight, a poem from Cynthia Bernard, Jane Hirschfield reading for Wednesday Night Poetry ~ Announcements from the Community

March 2023 Issue 49
Featuring Spring Thaw and Road to Heaven, photographs by Denise Gallagher, A Persistent Intimacy, a poem by Rita Weikal, One Leaf Blowing, piano solo by Wayne Kington, Three Minute Meditation – Nothing’s Gonna Change My World, time lapse music video by Jim Cox ~ Community Announcements

February 2023 Issue 48
Featuring Excerpts from Strange Grace: An Artist’s Journey through Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, and Beyond, by Jennifer Mayol, The Great Marriage, by Kirstin Eventyr ~ Announcements

January 2023 Issue 47
Featuring Card Deck by Jennifer Mayol, Living with the Elephant – A poem by Cynthia Wolley, Poetry News from Subhaga, A Farewell Message from Trillium Teacher Wendy Redfern, Call for Your Submissions

December 2022 Issue 46
Featuring Nothing to Redeem, Bear Your Bear – A poem and painting by Trillium Awakening Practitioner, Kendra Kehde ~ Events

September 2022 Issue 45
Featuring “No-Charge, Inflation-Proof Trillium Offerings,” Trillium Awakening Self-Inquiry Deck ~ Events

March 2022 Issue 44
Featuring “How Sittings Catalyze Awakening,” Trillium Awakening Self-Inquiry Deck ~ Events

December 2021 Issue 43
Featuring “The Joy Of Receiving,” Trillium Awakening Self-Inquiry Deck ~ Events

October 2021 Issue 42
Featuring “Mutuality in Whole-Being Realization” ~ Events

August 2021 Issue 41 – As Vast as God
Featuring “As Vast as God” ~ Events

April 2021 Issue 40
Featuring “Who Knows?,” “Burnt Out” – A Poem and Painting in response to Hypermasculinity ~ Events

March 2021 Issue 39 – Remembering Sanji Dione Hills
Featuring A Tribute to Sanji ~ Events

February 2021 Issue #38
Featuring “Liminal Time,” Self-Inquiry Deck: Discernment, “Mutuality” ~ Events

January 2021 Issue #37: Managing Conflict
Featuring Interview with Joanne Lee ~ Events

December 2020 Issue #36: Year End Message
Featuring End of Year Essay, Poetry ~ Events

October 2020 Issue #34: Trillium Inquiry Deck
Featuring Inquiry Deck teacher/creators Interviews, Poetry ~ Events

August 2020 Issue #33:Virtual Programs
Featuring Teacher Interview ~ Events

June 2020 Issue #32: Racism Response
Featuring Essays and Resources for Healing Racism

June 2020 Issue #30
Featuring Full menu of new offerings ~ Events

March 2020 Issue #29: Special Corona Virus Edition
Featuring “Trust in God, and Tie Your Camel,” “Living with Uncertainty” ~ Events

March 2020 Issue #28
Featuring “The Wisdom of Not Knowing,” Peer Mutuality & Free Teacher Sessions ~ Events

January 2020 – Issue #27
Featuring “Sleeping Dogs,” IAM Updates & We Space Essay ~ Events

December 2019 – Issue #26
Featuring The Only Gift You Have to Give; Shades of You video ~ Events

November 2019 – Issue #25
Featuring Life as Prayer; “Thanksgiving Morning,” poem ~ Events

August 2019 – Issue #24
Featuring Tantra: Timeless Transmission & Validation ~ Events

May 2019 – Issue #23
Featuring Virtual Resources for Mutuality ~ Events

April 2019 – Issue #22
Featuring Virtual Wildflowering ~ Events

February 2019 – Issue #20
Featuring Fax Gilbert on Mutuality and Politics ~ Events

January 2019 – Issue #19
Featuring Subhaga & Transmission Panels ~ Events

November 2018 – Issue #18
Featuring Tumultuous Times Editorial ~ Events

September 2018 – Issue #17
Featuring John Bottone & Trillium Awakening as a New Paradigm ~ Events

July 2018 – Issue #16
Featuring Rod Taylor’s Awakened Relationships ~ Events

June 2018 – Issue #15
Featuring Trust in Being Panels ~ Events-

May 2018 – Issue #14
Featuring Elder and Visionary Councils ~ Events

March 2018 – Issue #13
Featuring Cielle Backstrom and the Video Consciousness Summit ~ Events

January 2018 – Issue #12
Featuring Circles of Engagement First Class ~ Events

December 2017 – Issue #11
Featuring selected poems to celebrate The Divine World ~ Events

October 2017 – Issue #10
Featuring Teacher Retreat 2017 Mutuality Discussion, Circles of Engagement Update, Community Network Update

August 2017 – Issue #9
Featuring Krishna Gauci and Circles of Engagement  ~ Annual Teacher Retreat ~ 2nd edition of CC Leigh’s “Divinely Human: A Threefold Path to Embodied Awakening”

June 2017 – Issue #8
Featuring Deborah Boyar ~ TA Mutuality ~ events

April 2017 – Issue #7
Featuring Elijah Peterson ~ events

January 2017 – Issue #6
Featuring Tatini Goler ~ Happy New Year – events – mentor/teacher transitions

December 2016 – Issue #5
Featuring Michael Grossman ~ URL transfer

October 2016 – Issue #4
Featuring Gena Netten ~ mentor/teacher transitions ~ events

September 2016 – Issue #3
Teacher Profile Steve Boggs – Mutuality Circle ~ We Space in Fairfield

August 2016 – Issue #2
Teacher Profile Sandra Glickman ~ Peer-Facilitated Mutuality Groups ~ Events & More

July 2016 – Issue #1
Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle Retreat June 2016 ~ Mission & Manifesto