Book Study

Study groups are being formed around books that complement Trillium Awakening teachings and orientation. These groups will use the content of the books as a springboard for exploration, discussion, and dialogue. Participation in a book group is a great way to explore other perspectives and ways to deepen in your awakening and embodiment with others in this community. Together we’ll discover that Trillium teachings are compatible with and can encompass a variety of viewpoints and experiences that emphasize conscious embodiment and mutuality.

If you wish a group that is not full or still taking members connect with the contact person for the book study you are interested in. If you wish to consider starting a book study group contact Jim Trofatter.

The Book Group Initiative Working Group
Jim Trofatter, Fred Harris

Potential Future books

Current Book Study Groups

Navigating Polarities by Brian Emerson and Kelly Lewis (Full)
December 2023 – May 2024

Meets the First and Third Fridays of each Month
3:30–5 pm Pacific, 6:30–8 pm Eastern.

For more information about this study group, contact Bob Epperly.

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd (Full)

December 2023 – March 2025

Meets the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month at 9:30–11 am Pacific, 12:30-2 pm Eastern.

For more information about this study group, contact Jim Trofatter

Past Book Study Groups

Closed Mutuality Circles

Closed mutuality circles provide opportunities for small groups of folks to meet and deepen in mutuality regularly — to gaze, engage in emergent dialogue, and have fun as we explore being in the depths of the co-created transmission field in the moment. 

We suggest from 4 to 8 members. These circles can consist of any Trillium Awakening Community member (teachers, mentors and students) who agree to follow the Trillium Guidelines for Practicing Mutuality, have had at least one session with a Trillium Awakening Teacher, and have completed the Trillium Awakening Discovery Course (or equivalent).

The Closed Mutuality Circle Working Group
Fred Harris, Don Drake, Bob Epperly and Debi Bailey

Current Groups

Currently we have five such groups that meet on the following schedule:
Group 1 (Full):
Group 2 (Full):
Group 3 (Full):
Group 4 (Full):
Group 5 (Full):

If you are interested in being in a Closed Mutuality Circle please contact Bob Epperly.

Mutual Support Forums

The Mutual Support Forum was formed to give members of the community (non-teachers and teachers alike) a chance to share a modality for the benefit of others in the community. Whether you are a skilled expert, someone who is learning a modality with enough training to guide others, or somewhere in between and would like to get more practical experience working with others, the Forum is a chance to do so with open and willing participants.

It is a benefit for both the participants and the one(s) offering. While the topic alone may be beneficial, the added benefit is a deepened appreciation for the meaning of mutuality, as we discover our gifts and understandings together. So, whatever your level of experience is, if you have something you feel you’d like to share with the community, we’d like to hear from you!

Contact: Allen Baker

Mutual Support Forums are scheduled for the first Thursday of each month at 4 – 6 pm Pacific, 5 – 7 pm Mountain, 6 – 8 pm Central, 7 – 9pm Eastern unless otherwise specified. Check the dates and times for each listing.

If you wish to attend the upcoming Mutual Support Forum please contact Allen Baker. There is no fee for Mutual Support Forum, but a donation will be requested which is used to support the student scholarship fund.

Disclaimer: The explorations done in Mutual Support Forums do not necessarily represent the official teaching of the Trillium Awakening work, but are personal expressions of the presenter’s own awakening process, their journey and their expertise. When in doubt about the presentation of a specific Trillium Awakening term please refer to the Trillium Core Teaching Definitions and Resources location in the About section of our website.

The Mutual Support
Allen Baker, Jill Murrell, and Francesca Blackstock

Upcoming Mutual Support Forums

Trigger Awareness Practices with Don Drake
Thursday, April 4, 2024
4 – 6 pm Pacific / 5 – 7pm Mountain / 6 – 8 pm Central / 7 – 9 pm Eastern
More info

Past Mutual Support Forums

Exploration of Death and Dying with Sara Perry
Thursday March 7, 2024: 4-6 pm Pacific, 5-7pm Mountain, 6-8 pm Central, 7-9pm Eastern
More info

The Four Depths with Drew Martinez
Thursday December 7, 2023: 4-6 pm Pacific, 5-7pm Mountain, 6-8 pm Central, 7-9pm Eastern
More info

Empathy Circle with Sunil Joseph
Thursday November 2, 2023: 4-6pm Pacific, 5-7pm Mountain, 6-8pm Central, 7-9pm Eastern
More info

Suggestion Box

As part of our initiative to be more connected with our whole community, we feel it would be helpful for us to receive feedback and suggestions from everyone. Suggestions could include:

  • Community Initiatives you would like to see
  • Feedback about Community calls or current Initiatives
  • General comments about the Trillium Awakening Community and how we can improve
  • Bring our attention to issues or dynamics we may not be aware of
  • Expressing your desire to participate in the Community Building work

Suggestions will only be seen by the Community Working Group and will not be made available to the Teachers Circle or Community unless otherwise specific. If brought to other people, all suggestions will remain anonymous.