Trillium Awakening Self-inquiry Card Deck

These cards and the accompanying booklet serve your Whole Being Realization by illuminating 36 terms core to the Trillium Awakening path.

To enhance your understanding, the terms are linked to potent images and self-inquiry questions.

The combination of images and questions acts as a portal to deeper awareness beyond the thinking mind.

Transmission in Images

These cards feature images of paintings, photos, collages and drawings created by members of the Trillium Awakening community.

Each image has been transmitted from the depths of the artist’s soul and is meant to inspire remembrance of who you are. You will find different cards speak to different aspects of your nature.

The cards encourage you to reflect on the images and allow them to evoke insight and creativity.

Inquiry and Contemplation

As you take in the definition of each term and contemplate its meaning, we invite you to explore how the words resonate with your own experience.

The accompanying self-inquiry questions are designed to deepen your exploration of the terms.

Self-inquiry is a process of turning your attention inward, which helps cultivate self-awareness and access to your whole being.

Feedback from our Community

From the very first card I choose I felt a transmission from the image and the words that profoundly reflected my experience at that time. I have many Decks of all types and have taught Tarot for over 30years. It is unusual for me to come across a deck that brings something new to the process. This deck has done just that. Thank you Trillium!
~ Linda Rauch, UK

I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending through the Trillium Self-Inquiry cards – it was lovely to receive them and they are beautiful! The whole deck and booklet has come together very effectively. Now that I see them all together I think all the different media forms as a whole, it really works. And I love the slightly obtuse visual approaches to some of the topics. They are going to be a powerful tool.  I think my favorite cards visually are the ravens of ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Grasping the Means’, and also the Ganesha of ‘Gazing’.
~ Andrew

Thank you so much for the self enquiry cards. They are really great. And very affirming. I recognized what I have been experiencing of late is ‘wellness in Being‘. It’s ages since I read anything from Trillium so it was really helpful to read the cards and now be able to recognize that I think I am (relatively) awake!!!!!! There was a time when the language and concepts seemed alien but now I get it.
~ Judy Scott, Psychotherapist (Retired)

My deck arrived today and I’m blown away by how beautiful it is! Speechless, in deep awe and appreciation. Great Job! Great Service!
~ Margit Bantowsky, Trillium Teacher

The Trillium Awakening Self-Inquiry deck and handbook are truly beautiful. I have found them to be a lovely invitation and aid in further exploring and integrating the richness and unique transmission of Trillium’s core teachings
~ Rita, Seattle WA

A Labor of Love

This project has truly been a labor of love.

At the 2018 Trillium Awakening teacher retreat, an inspiration emerged to create simple flashcards to support teaching and exploring Trillium Awakening.

A Visuals Team formed and met for over two years, transforming the original idea into a visual representation of the Trillium Awakening teaching, filled with palpable beauty, love, and transmission.

Our extended community has contributed to this project. We solicited original images from Trillium artists, teachers, mentors, and practitioners, receiving more than 200 images of paintings, collages, and photography. The written text was collaboratively compiled by the Visuals Team and the Trillium Awakening Visionary Council.

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