Trillium Awakening™ teachers are dedicated to the whole-being awakening of people like you, to their own continuous deepening in awakened mutuality, and to the creative evolution of divinely human culture. They place a high value on integrity, mutuality, and accountability in this highly transformative work.

As teachers work with you, they will use the key principles of Trillium Awakening to help free you of limitations that prevent you from recognizing your true and total nature. They see and call forth your inner divinity while making a lot of space for you to be exactly as human as you are. And their trust in Being communicates itself effortlessly and helps awaken a similar awareness in you.

Trillium Awakening teachers have a range of backgrounds and different styles of working with students. Your teacher will be a valuable ally on your road to awakening, so we encourage you to find someone you resonate with. You are welcome to ask for a brief initial chat with any teacher you are considering, to see if there is a mutual sense of compatibility.

The Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle meets regularly in mutuality groups and at an annual retreat for ongoing learning and support. Circle members uphold professional and ethical standards, and use Holacracy as the governance process in the Operations Circle.

Trillium Awakening Therapists

Although spiritual teaching may involve exploring how you function as a human being, spiritual teaching is not therapy. Most Trillium Awakening teachers are not licensed therapists and do not have the training to address complex psychological issues. When you encounter challenging passages in your awakening process, seek psychological or therapeutic assistance. Several Trillium Awakening teachers and mentors are also licensed therapists.


To contact or learn more about individual teachers, click on their names. Teacher gazing videos are posted on our Videos page.

In Memorium

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