Books for Your Awakening Process

We recommend the following books related to the Trillium path. 

Becoming Divinely Human: A Direct Path to Embodied Awakening
Second Edition June 2017
By CC Leigh

Print Edition
Kindle Edition

This inspired book shines light upon the journey from the dark night of spiritual disillusionment into the light of embodied awakening so that you too can become divinely human. Trillium Awakening Senior Teacher CC Leigh has helped hundreds transform from veteran seekers to illuminated finders. This handbook invites you to explore the paradox of embodied awakening: the melding of infinite Conscious nature with your unique human individuality.

Dancing in the Fire - embodied awakening stories

Dancing in the Fire: Stories of Awakening in the Heart of Community
Compiled and Edited by Bob Valine

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Kindle Edition

The men and women in this book share their stories of an amazing transformation. They’re among hundreds who’ve experienced a “second birth,” the self-realization at the core of this work. Many had lost hope of ever awakening. Others sought only a deeper self-knowledge and healing. All found the end of seeking and a profound liberation into their lives as who they truly are. They’re sharing their stories because they know what happened for them is possible for many others.

New Principles of Awakened Relationship: Mutuality as a Dynamic Component of Our Awakening Nature
Second Edition, May 2018
By Rod Taylor

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Kindle Edition

Drawing on his own lived experience, Rod Taylor shares a new paradigm revealing the nature of awakening and awakened relationships. This whole-being paradigm doesn’t depend on implementing techniques or practices to correct issues in the relationship. Instead, partners and loving friends find themselves more and more surrendered to the emergence in Being of a natural and trustable dynamic-of-love. This dynamic brings, for each person and for the relationship itself, a unique evolution through ever-deepening awareness and integration into the full flowering of whole-being, heart-awakened life.

Waking Down principles, the basis for Trillium Awakening

Waking Down: Beyond Hypermasculine Dharmas: A Breakthrough Way of Self-Realization in the Sanctuary of Mutuality
By Saniel Bonder

Saniel Bonder’s first mainstream book, published in 1998, covers key principles of the Waking Down teachings, which inform the Trillium path.

This awakening journey brings great relief.

Great Relief: Nine Sacred Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know: About Freedom, Love, Trust, and the Core Wound of Your Life
By Saniel Bonder

Full of powerful exercises and journaling suggestions, this book invites you into deep harmony with your own body and its lifewhatever you may have previously thought about it and you.

This awakening process heals the spirit-matter split.

Healing the Spirit/Matter Split: An Invitation to Wake Down in Mutuality and Fulfill Your Divinely Human Destiny
By Saniel Bonder

Edited by Laurel Airica, these lively conversations reveal the core of Saniel Bonder’s pioneering Waking Down teachings, which inform the work of Trillium Awakening.  They focus on bringing enlightenment all the way down to Earth, and out into the divinely human destiny of awakened service.