2017 We Space Summit Sandra Glickman

In this intimate and dynamic interview, a senior teacher of Trillium Awakening and recently retired psychotherapist of almost 30 years, Sandra Glickman shares her wisdom with Michael Brabant around collective intelligence and embodied awakening. She highlights the immense importance of “holding” as a spiritual competency to be present to intense experiences both individually and collectively. She shares about the utility and limitation of emergent messiness in the We-Space, empowering participants to be more active in the context of the We-Space, skillful vs. unskillful transparency as a facilitator and how tracking our inner experience gives us information about the we space itself. Many more potent themes around We-Space facilitation and spiritual embodiment are discussed with nuance and depth. The interview closes with Sandra offering a refreshingly positive narrative of what is currently taking place in the world and the tremendous growth she has witnessed in how the feminine is honoured in our world over in recent years.

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