There are four levels of this track:

Interning Teacher

Those wanting to apply to become mentors or teachers must first take the three awakened-life courses described below, beforehand. These courses are offered by qualified teachers through the Institute of Awakened Mutuality (IAM). They are open to any participants who want to deepen in their awakening for personal reasons, and they are also the foundational courses necessary as part of the mentor/teacher track. You are welcome to attend these classes anytime after your awakening is affirmed and they are not exclusively for those who already know that they want to become a mentor. In fact, many people who take these courses want to have some time to integrate and stabilize in awakening before deciding to become a mentor.

1) Welcome to Your Second Life Tele-Course

This class embodies the cultural wisdom and empowering knowledge we have gained about the second life journey.
Each WTYSL telecourse will be limited to 8 participants and is comprised of four 3-hour sessions, for a total of 12 hours. You will also be meeting with a partner or two from the course during the week as part of the course curriculum.
WTYSL also includes IAM’s online course “Welcome to the Trillium Path” a ten lesson course with video and written materials.

For more information on the Welcome to your Second Life course click here.

2) Deepening In Your Second Life 

Deepening In Your Second Life (DSL) is the next course in this series. It is an extraordinary and compelling week-long retreat where you will explore mutuality and deepen your development. You will meet and get a sense of the potential of your own realized condition both individually and in relationships, as you enrich your ability to hold and nurture both yourself and others. You will develop skills that can be used to help guide others if you choose, whether in the Trillium path process as a future mentor or teacher or in your own life situation at home or work.

After DSL, participants meet monthly with their small group teacher and fellow small group participants, by phone or video conference.

For more information on the this course click here.

3) Advanced Mutuality Skills

This week-long course is designed to deepen your understanding and experience of mutuality, expand your discriminative awareness, and provide training in mentoring skills. Whether or not you’re considering mentoring others, the experience of being in this course and learning these skills will support your own process of integration and evolution in your second life.

For more information on this course click here.

On completion of the above course, those wishing to become mentors and teachers may begin the application process. The first level of this track is becoming a Mentor. Mentors are volunteers who desire to support others on the Trillium path. Once becoming a mentor, you may remain at that level for as long as you like. Some people want to go on from there to become Interning Teachers and Teachers. Others are happy to continue as Mentors.

Those wishing to apply to become a mentor will choose a Trillium teacher to sponsor their candidacy to advance to mentor. Their sponsor will assist them through the application process.

There are objective and subjective guidelines for moving on to each level on this track.
For instance here are some of the guidelines used in certifying mentors:

  • 15 months in the work
  • 12 months living Whole Being Realization
  • 8 to12 phone calls in an AMS graduates group with a full or senior teacher
  • 20 sittings attended or equivalent in courses
  • 12 private sessions with a full or senior teacher
  • Six therapy sessions since your awakening

After being a mentor for a minimum of 12 months, you may apply to be an Interning Teacher. There are similar objective and subjective guidelines for each level of the process. For more information about the levels of teacher and specific guidelines for each level, please ask consult with your Trillium Awakening Teacher.