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COMMUNITY BUILDING MUTUAL SUPPORT FORUM: Attuning, Unfolding, and Deepening in Mutuality with community member Drew Martinez

December 7, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST

We are excited to invite you to our next Mutual Support Forum (MSF), Attuning, Unfolding, and Deepening in Mutuality with community member Drew Martinez on December 7th.

If you have something you would like to offer in a Mutual Support Forum in the future, we would love to hear from you!  If so, please contact Allen Baker (bakerallen444@gmail.com) with a proposal including a general idea of how you anticipate it being offered.

The Mutual Support Forum Committee
Allen Baker, Jill Murrell and Francesca Blackstock

Attuning, Unfolding, and Deepening in Mutuality
with Drew Martinez

Thursday, December 7th
4 – 6 pm Pacific, 5 – 7 pm Mountain, 6 – 8 pm Central, 7 – 9 pm Eastern
To register, send a message to Allen Baker at: bakerallen444@gmail.com

“This work has deeply enriched and expanded my ability to explore my experience in ways that bring wisdom, compassion, and healing. There are many similarities and cross-overs but it’s different enough that it has added a new dimension and richness to my experience of Trillium so I’m excited to share it with the community.”
Drew Martinez

In this interactive forum, we’ll collectively attune, deepen, and unfold as we explore Aletheia Coaching’s Four-Depths model of reality through the lens of Trillium’s three petals – Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality.

Aletheia’s approach starts with the recognition that all human beings are manifestations of the fundamental Truth, Goodness, and Beauty of existence itself. The four depths model is not meant to diagnose or measure progress. Instead, it’s meant to help us recognize that, like the rest of the living universe, our inner world is in constant motion and that we are able to inhabit and move through multiple depths of being and interrelatedness simultaneously.

The Four Depths

The depth of Nonduality points to pure consciousness or what in Trillium, some call “Being.” The depth of Presence points to our experience of consciousness and the qualities that naturally arise from it like unconditional love, peace, strength, joy, and compassion. The depth of Process points to the aspects of experience that are “in process” or flow. The phenomenon at this depth, such as energy, emotions, and bodily sensations, might be recognized as impermanent, and ever-changing. The depth of Parts points to the level of reality where we perceive the world as solid, made up of separate parts interacting with each other.

By differentiating these depths, this methodology can help us to bring attunement and support to the places where we might be feeling hurt, stuck, or challenged. In this offering, we’ll engage in some experiential group practice and personal sharing as well as a one-on-one demo if timing allows.

There is no fee for Mutual Support Forum, but a donation will be requested which will support the student scholarship fund.

To register, send a message to Allen Baker at: bakerallen444@gmail.com.
There will be a maximum of 8 participants.

The Mutual Support Forum is an initiative that has emerged from listening to community interests and needs on our monthly Community Calls. Come be a part of what’s movin’ and shakin’ in and as a result of these calls!

With gratitude and love,

The Community Building Working Group
Bill Epperly
Bob Epperly
Cynthia Wolley
Debi Bailey
Francesca Blackstock
Gena Netten
Jim Trofatter

The mission of the Trillium Awakening Community Building Working Group is to co-create a thriving community, in which each member is not just empowered, but also a source of empowerment, committed to Trillium Awakening’s mission. Our strategy encourages organic growth, fueled by the individual talents and energies of community members. We do not seek to change Trillium’s teachings or organizational structure, but to catalyze a shift towards deeper engagement, mutuality, and collaboration.