Matter Is-ness

You are the living paradox of Primal Feeling Is-ness in physical embodiment.

You are a dynamic process as the Consciously Feeling or Feelingly Conscious body-mind (or body-mind-soul complex, to speak more completely).

Paradoxically, you are simultaneously both Infinite and All-feeling Consciousness, as well as limited and mortal physical Matter…

Conscious Matter. Or said the other way around, you are Materialized Consciousness.

Consciousness could also be described as Conscious Beingness, or Conscious

Existingness, or Conscious Is-ness.

So we might use the shorthand version of this paradox–Matter Is-ness

or Materialized Is-ness.

The full body-mind or the whole body is the conjunction of Matter and Consciousness,

or Matter and Conscious Is-ness. Thus, we are Matter Is-ness.

This is the paradox of simultaneity. You are both a finite, human, fleshy, warm-blooded

animal and Infinite Conscious Is-ness. You are a human Is-ness, or a human Be-ing.

Matter and Consciousness meet in and as the human body-mind being.

It is a great paradox–the great paradox of the seamless unity between

Consciousness and Matter.

We exist as embodied Consciousness, or embodied Conscious Is-ness.

We are Primal Feeling Consciousness, or Primal Conscious Feelingness, in physical embodied

form. Infinite Conscious Feeling in physical human embodiment.

Simultaneous, inseparable, and utterly paradoxical. Materialized Is-ness–Matter Is-ness–happening and being, moment to moment to moment.

The clarification of this core paradox and the fundamental integration of your human

animal-ness and Conscious Be-ing-ness results in the Realization of the very core of you

in total, and the core of existence at the very Heart.

© February 25, 1999 Van Nguyen

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