Written by TA Teachers Sandra Glickman and Gena Netten (May 2020)

In the context of Mutuality Circles, whether they are in-person or virtual gatherings, participants hold and empower one another within the context of Trillium Awakening’s Whole Being Realization process.

Foremost, the practice of mutuality honors both oneself and the other as unique expressions of Being. This includes profound respect, deep listening and conscious reflecting.

Participants In the Mutuality Café are encouraged to hold the intention to be open, accepting, supportive and non-judgmental toward others, while expressing authentically and deeply at the level of trust that is present in the group.  

Mutuality Café Agreements

            –What goes on in the mutual circle is strictly confidential, including who is present.

            –Everyone is fundamentally already okay, exactly as they are, no matter what aspect of their total being is arising at any moment.

            –Receiving reflection from the group or the facilitators is available. Participants may accept, pass or decline without judgment.

            –We agree to practice radical acceptance, known as “greenlighting”, bringing compassion and kindness to each other rather than criticism, advice, story-telling, or pressure to change or be different.

            –We trust the whole-being wisdom of each participant to be the ultimate authority in finding their feelings, their best timing in sharing, and their best actions in the course of their unfolding process in the safety of the group field.

            –If we are triggered by what another person says, we agree not to make that person responsible for our reactions; we make “I” statements revealing ourselves, rather than “you” statements.

            –We agree not to use this group as a substitute for one-on-one work with a TA teacher. The Mutuality Café functions best when all participants have regular contact with a teacher.

            –Just as gazing addresses our deep need to be seen, conscious sharing addresses our need to be heard. Being accepted as we are supports us to grow into greater self-acceptance, dropping us more fully into our awakening process.