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Welcome Message

Hello My name is Cory

I feel honoured to serve in the role of mentor for those drawn to the Trillium Awakening path. Of all the processes I have explored this has been the most profound. The level of existential equality, honouring, integrity and care that I have experienced from the trillium support team has been at a level that is still unfathomable and mysterious to me (the skeptical aspects of me sometimes still have hard time believing it!). As a participant, the deep acceptance, unconditional love and authenticity that is embodied by the Trillium support team has inspired in me the desire to share this profound process with others. Thus, I see it as extremely meaningful to be of support for those attracted to the Trillium path in their own journey towards realising and expressing their divinely human nature. So, if you have an interest in connecting with me you can contact me via email and we can connect on skype to explore if we are a good fit and how I may support you in your life!

A little bit about me.

My interest in self inquiry began in my late teens as a result of trying to understand my suffering in my relationship to myself and others. My initial exploration began in the process of completing a Psychology and psychotherapy degree. The existentialists (like Trillium Awakening) deeply influenced me for their courage to explore the core vulnerability of being human. I have worked as a Mental health worker for the past 11 years for a person-centered NGO. I explored embodiment while studying a diploma in a body centered, mindfulness-based psychotherapy known as Hakomi. Prior to Trillium Awakening I was involved with a group associated with the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism which specifically focused on Dzogchen, this is where I familiarised myself with my true nature as consciousness. Ken Wilber’s Integral approach to life has also continues to deeply impact my evolution.

Some benefits of my involvement with Trillium Awakening

I discovered Trillium Awakening in late 2016 and In May 2017 I dropped into my initial whole being awakening. This culminated in the recognition that my essential nature is the paradox of infinite consciousness and limited human life. The benefits of this ongoing process have been rich and many including an undeniable fundamental wellness and a greater sense of openness and attunement to the moment. This has allowed increased intimacy in the felt sense of the heart and body. Enhanced levels of satisfaction and intimacy in my relationships. Spontaneous compassion and sensitivity for the human condition have also organically increased. I share this in the hope that you become interested enough to experiment with the Trillium Awakening process as the real riches are found not in the words on this site but in the experiential and relational field which is the true catalyst of this work.