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Welcome Message

My awakening journey has been both challenging and liberating. In 1992, after years of spiritual seeking, I awakened to consciousness and experienced deep peace, bliss and clarity for about 3 months. Soon after, I was plunged into the trauma of previously unconscious patterns. At that point, I traveled to India to be with a spiritual master, to see if he could help me with the intensity of my mind. I experienced more of my absolute nature and expanded consciousness, but I still didn’t know how to work with the strong patterning and mind states that were arising. This led me to find Waking Down at the beginning in 1995 and go through the deepening process with a small, wonderful group of people.  I will be forever grateful for that support.

My  initial opening to whole being realization (second birth) occurred in an ordinary moment. One day In 1996 the phone was ringing and I didn’t want to pick it up. I let it ring and in a timeless moment, awareness opened up and I noticed that all the energy that had been going out into Life was now coming back home to itself. There was no longer an outside or inside. It was all the same.

Since then, I’ve experienced far more access to Being than ever before.  I live in the flow of Life, free to love more, free to stay present in the midst of pain.  There is more clarity, spaciousness,  peace, and no longer a sense of fundamental separation.  My relationships are more true and real, especially with my husband.  We navigated our initial rough waters together a long time ago, and the love, ease, peace and gratitude for each other grows deeper each day.

My experiences with awakening in myself, with my clients, and in my relationship with my husband has given me the understandings I need to help you in your process.

I offer guidance and support for you to:

  • Awaken to your conscious nature
  • Land in your whole being realization and beyond
  • Recognize and transform old patterns and discover what is most essential for you in this life
  • Recognize what you previously could not access or accept in yourself, and embrace all parts with love, kindness and spaciousness
  • Untangle relationship issues and increase understanding and intimacy
  • Embody your truth and discover your gifts
  • Trust yourself and Life

Please contact me to set a time for a free introductory session.  I offer a sliding scale fee for further sessions. I look forward to meeting the mystery of you!


“I have had a number of really wonderful therapists and guides in 30+ years of psychospiritual growth work, but I consider Hillary to be in a class of her own: No matter how blocked, confused, embarrassed or even “complete” I present myself to her, she has a natural, direct and stunningly kind way to target the issue as a respectful call into Something Even Realer.  I don’t think I’ve ever ended an interaction with her not feeling more whole than when I started.”
Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D. Pennsylvania

“Hillary has a beautifully expanded Presence in which I have been held and loved so tenderly and fully. It has been incredibly healing for me to have the uncomfortable and previously hidden aspects of myself welcomed forward, embraced and loved just as they are, just as I am. I experience Hillary as a bottomless depth of love and compassion and being with her is unlike any experience I’ve ever had. I have been deeply touched again and again and utterly transformed by her love, care, encouragement and support in my awakening journey. She has helped me to relax at such a core level, allowing more of my Totality to be here. My heart has been permanently tenderized and lovingly opened by her way of being. I am forever grateful and feel so blessed for the continual precious gift of having Hillary as my teacher.” ~ Wendy Redfern, Canada

“My life has been utterly transformed since meeting Hillary Davis. For me, she is the embodiment of conscious compassionate presence. She is the deepest, most profound expression of the divine mother I have ever encountered. Being held by Hillary feels like being personally held in the deep end of an ocean of love. This has enabled me to explore and move through some of my own darkest places and find out that I too am that ocean of love. The most miraculous thing about Hillary is that she is also an ordinary person who has explored her own underbelly and is willing to meet you in all the dank, dark, icky places that traditional “spiritual” teachers want to transcend or ignore. I feel blessed beyond measure to have found her. I would highly recommend that everyone give themselves the gift of being in Hillary’s presence.” ~ Peggy Tobin, Seattle