Kirstin Eventyr

Interning Teacher

Welcome Message

Hello Fellow Traveler
I am on this journey with you. Neither of us is finished or perfect and we don’t need to be – what a relief!

I offer broad spectrum, depth oriented and skillful support to accompany you awakening to your wholeness.

I bring a stable, loving presence and an ability to perceive deeply into heart of what is alive in the moment. My heart is huge for you and I trust and welcome you as you are. I am able to hold an unshakeable knowing of your core goodness while maintaining an unusually high level of non-judgmental presence and a fierce commitment to your spiritual journey and the tender, messy, dignified magnificence of being one’s Self.

My intention is to be with what IS, aligning with the aspects of your being that know all about awakening and letting it guide us both to find your own way.

I am a long-time counselor, teacher, and energy healer, and one of the founding members of Trillium Olympia. I have utilized Authentic Movement, African shamanism, vibrational medicines and PRH couples work as foundational aspects of my growth. I have 2 teenage daughters and am madly in love with my husband of over decades.