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Welcome Message

I found Trillium Awakening (formerly Waking Down) in 2009, and it has changed my life in deep and profound ways. Before that, for much of my life I wasn’t particularly a spiritual seeker. After being raised Catholic, I spent my 20’s feeling uninterested in religion or spirituality. I then spent 6 years with the Rajneesh community; after becoming disillusioned with that and with spiritual groups in general, I felt like I was in a spiritual wilderness.

When friends first invited me to a Trillium Awakening sitting, I was initially really skeptical. But I quickly saw that this community was different – teachers had tremendous integrity and really supported me to be my real, whole self; students and mentors really were accepting. And it didn’t take long for me to feel that I was developing access to more of myself, that I was getting “bigger”, that some of my hard edges were getting softer and less rigid, and my personal relationships were becoming deeper and fuller.

Having a mentor – an accepting and empathetic listener who was there just to be fully present for me and radically supportive of whatever process I was in – was a great gift and a hugely important part of my growth in the work. I’m still grateful for that, and it’s given me firsthand experience many times over of what a valuable service a mentor can perform just by being in full presence with the other person.

I had my awakening in September 2013.

Since then, I’m continually amazed at how much growth I see opening up after awakening. I’m continuing to deepen in Consciousness and embodiment, and in my appreciation of the mystery of my own being and of each person’s unique path in life and in awakening.

I have always felt called to help others move forward with their lives in ways that are important to them, and have had a lifelong passion to be with and serve people in their internal explorations. Serving as a mentor allows me to use my own gifts – deep and compassionate non-judgmental presence, attention and support, and active listening skills – and is deeply fulfilling for me.

I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, so I know firsthand how the effects of unresolved trauma can make self-acceptance and moving forward in one’s own being more difficult. In my case, I tried for many years to heal before coming to Trillium Awakening. Though I remembered the details of the abuse, I almost never was able to gain access to the emotional effects of it, because I had to split in order to continue functioning. In Trillium Awakening, my path has been one of becoming more and more whole. I feel my experience with this gives me one more gateway to understanding and compassion for what others may be going through.

My background:

I was raised in Pennsylvania, and have lived in northern California for most of my adult life.

BA Psychology, MSW Social Work. Before recently retiring, I spent the last 18 years as a career counselor.

Being with you as you explore what wants to happen in your unique being and unique path to awakening, in full and deep radical acceptance, is tremendously satisfying and exciting for me, and increases my own appreciation and wonder of the endless manifestations of being.

If you’d like to explore whether we’re a good fit, please email me at or call me at 707-290-0377.