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Welcome Message

Hello, my name is Rebecca, and it is an honor and my joy to serve the Trillium Awakening community as a mentor in this work. 

I was introduced to Trillium through a dear friend of mine back in 2014 and after dropping into a huge amount of vulnerability during that first sitting, I was sure I was not going to go back.  Well somehow, I kept going back, time and time again, and here we are 7 years later. 

After many years of seeking for an escape from my life, I find myself dropping right into it and embracing everything, from the joy to the sorrow, and everything in between.  What a gift it is to be alive and to experience the richness of all expressions of Life.

Self-care and being in nature are very important to me as I spend a lot of time in the woods, and by a river behind my house, decompressing and receiving inspiration and nurturance. 

I have experienced so much in this life, and the Trillium teachings have helped me to meet myself and others with compassion and love, knowing that all is well exactly as it is.  I am so grateful to the many teachers and mentors who have worked with me along the way, and continue to do so, as I recognize my true nature as Divinely Human.

I feel blessed to be able to be with others in this deep way as we move through our individual processes of learning to trust ourselves and Life.  

My offer to you is a space in which you can show up as you are and relax into trust.  I am a great listener with strong empathetic and intuitive skills, ready to welcome all of you.   

I know that you are a living expression of the Love that is Life itself, as am I.  Nothing about you needs to be fixed, or solved, or worked on and that is where I will meet you, if you choose to connect with me.  

I look forward to the opportunity to support you, as so many others have done for me, and I trust that if we are meant to connect with one another we will.  Please reach out if you feel drawn to connecting with me.  


Rebecca Reble Trillium Mentor