We Space panel interview

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In this rich Trillium Awakening panel exploring the edges of spiritual embodiment and a more feminine approach to awakening, panel members shared gem and after gem around the facilitation of a We-Space. Sandra Glickman, Cielle Backstrom and Fax Gilbert discuss the nuances of facilitating We-Spaces, including balancing a feminine and masculine approach, honoring the personal while simultaneously while holding a transpersonal perspective, and how to hold a greater coherence of the Field when chaos or disharmony arises in the dynamics of the group. These seasoned spiritual practitioners and teachers share the gifts of their learning over recent decades that has a noticeable effect of humanizing the role of facilitation through their sharing of an approach to We-Space that is both focused on radical self-realization and also welcoming to the fullness of their human experience for both facilitator and participants. While Trillium Awakening as a dharma path is focused on embodied awakening, there are powerful lessons in this panel that can serve facilitators and participants of We-Spaces regardless of their focus or intention.

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