Divine Mutuality

The realization of our paradoxical human/ divine existence, which in Trillium we call “second birth”, is just the beginning of our spiritual exploration–a foundation upon which to really explore our humanness and the divine fullness of the Being that is living us.

I feel that this exploration must involve the deepening of relationship with our divinity, and this would involve some sort of inner mutuality – the limits of our human identity relating to the wholeness of our divine identity. In my experience the catalyst for this, as for any mutuality, is trust, openness and holding. The mechanism is attention. In order for mutuality to deepen our connection, there must be trust in the Other and in the process. For this divine identity to impact who we are in the world we need to attend to it. Catalyze it.

Divine mutuality, like interpersonal mutuality, is cultivated through this attention. Meditation, a daily awareness of gratitude for what is, association with like-minded people who activate this identity, speaking and writing from this wholeness or reconnecting with the essence of a familiar spiritual tradition – all can engender and strengthen a divine mutuality.

With this gentle regular honoring and nurturing of our impersonal divine nature it will become more and more embodied, more personal, more manifest, more incarnated as You.

This will happen in its own time and in its own way for each person. Trust those impulses that move you in the direction of divine relationship. You can recognize them as anything that generates a deepening appreciation and gratitude, a receding influence of mind, and a movement into the heart.

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