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Trillium Community Call

February 17 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am PST

A thriving community is at the heart of any organization, and we want to feel your contribution to its pulse. These community calls allow us to connect more deeply with each other, which enriches Trillium Awakening and brings us closer to everyone in the heart-space of our community.

Come, join our hearts with yours in a place where your thoughts and suggestions matter, and enjoy spending time with old and new friends.

We would be delighted to see you this Saturday, February 17th.

All community members are welcome.

Details and agenda are below.

“I just want to have the experience of being part of a community that consists of people doing the best that they can to be in a loving space or field together and to practice together what they have learned and by doing that can learn more about each other.” – Bobby Delamar


Update: Mutual Support Forums
Do you have something you would like to share in a safe space with supportive loving people?

Are you trained in, or in the process of learning, a modality or practice that could support others in an experience of self-empowerment or mutuality?

The Mutual Support Forum is a space where you can explore and experiment with what you know and/or what you are learning.

We welcome your offering, and if it meets the criteria of the Forum, will work with you as necessary to assist you in bringing it to the community.

Please send your suggestion or proposal, or any questions, to Allen at: bakerallen444@gmail.com

Update: Five New Closed Mutuality Circles Now Forming

The first group of facilitators has been trained, and we are now forming five new closed mutuality circles. Each circle will have 5 or 6 participants, and there will be 2 trained facilitators to help get things started. All participants will be encouraged to facilitate in the future, if they wish, but this will not be required. The Subgroup on Closed Mutuality Circles includes Debi Bailey, Don Drake, Fred Harris, and Bob Epperly. Please contact Bob at robert,epperly@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.

Update: Book Study Group on “Navigating Polarities: Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation”

We’ve had 10 participants in this group, and we’re about half way through the book by Brian Emerson and Kelly Lewis, which describes the circumstances under which “both/and” thinking is appropriate and other circumstances where “either/or” thinking is more effective. We’ve been learning that, in situations where the polarities are interdependent, “both/and” thinking can lead to third way approaches that are transformational. For more information about this study group, contact Bob Epperly at robert.epperly@gmail.com



We hope you can join us!.

During the January 20th gathering, we’ll have time to connect in breakout rooms and enjoy sharing with one another. We’ll hear updates about our five community-building initiatives. We’ll have a Polarities Activity and a dynamic whole-group discussion about Greenlighting.

Our agenda for the February call:

  • Welcome, Meditation, Group Gazing
  • Breakout rooms with fun connecting activities
  • Update on our first round of initiatives:
    • Mutual Support Forums
    • Book/study groups
    • 24/7 online meeting space & community forum
    • Closed mutuality circles
    • More practices and practice groups
  • Discussion about Trust in Being

Come and contribute your presence and your ideas!

With gratitude and love,

The Community Building Working Group
Bill Epperly
Bob Epperly
Cynthia Wolley
Debi Bailey
Francesca Blackstock
Jim Trofatter

The mission of the Trillium Awakening Community Building Working Group is to co-create a thriving community, in which each member is not just empowered, but also a source of empowerment, committed to Trillium Awakening’s mission. Our strategy encourages organic growth, fueled by the individual talents and energies of community members. We do not seek to change Trillium’s teachings or organizational structure, but to catalyze a shift towards deeper engagement, mutuality, and collaboration.