My Story

Against a bland and uninspiring middle class background, with its unremarkable pleasures, pains, and suppressed emotions, I held a romantic ideal of the perfect love relationship which would lift me beyond my drabness into the Divine. Since this perfect lover never appeared, I necessarily relinquished him to the background and went on to the ordinary achievements of marriage, career and children in the upwardly mobile way of the American Dream.

Despite these appearances, my life has been characterized by an unrelenting search to know Reality, the inter-relationships of all phenomena, and especially to know myself at every level. For years, my quest led me into studies of the artistic, psychic, spiritual, and practical worlds, which eventuated in my becoming a psychotherapist and a devotee of the great adept, Adi Da. Finding Saniel was a natural evolution of my great purpose to realize God/myself, and resulted in my leaving my former guru.

Saniel’s teaching, his personal instruction and reflection to me, and his immediate and profound blessing-transmission very quickly catapulted me into a stable realization of the Feeling-Witness Consciousness. Before long, as my total Being would have it, my lover/savior appeared from among my awakening friends in this sangha. Paradoxically, this blessed me with profound love and dropped me into his and my core wound, a mutual movement which resulted in my second birth. Within less than one year, I had realized myself as non-separate Consciousness wedded to my Forms.

If you find yourself resonating with the Trillium path, and with us, as I did, you too may be moved utterly beyond your present understanding and life. Please feel welcome to come and find out for yourself.

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