I feel so VERY SAFE with you, like I am securely held, safely, with love and nurturing, in a large hammock and I can’t fall out. 🙂

Someone like you, who is intimately familiar with broken souls and broken zones, can help me process in my body the traumatic emotions I have repressed and locked up for decades. You have gone deep into your own psyche, and that gives me the hope and confidence in your ability to guide me or at least to point a helpful way.

“Thank you for tracking with me, no matter how far I go off into the dark wilderness of despair. With the way you receive me, I never feel lost.”

You were clearly a fusion between my guardian angel and muse. Your ever-loving smiles and your occasionally stern-looking gazings, combined with your profound words of compliment, assurance and insight all made for some of the most profound blessings I’ve ever received. This is so because real changes in me took place through them. Your loving smile and support enabled my life-long intense sensitivity to come forth less defended and compensated by my mind and words. This is just a spring-like first shoot coming out of the earth kind of thing—very easily killed by a frost—but one that I think I’ve experienced enough that a second shoot would venture forth if the first were lost. I mean this is a very big growth in me even though it is so tender, subtle and vulnerable. It’s a gift I’ll always feel came from your Influence.


Deborah is love incarnate! She is the safest place I have ever rested my soul, feeling held, safe and embraced by her. Deborah’s insights are astounding, as she slowly, softly sweetly gets right at the core. Exposing my total woundedness and ‘ick’ to her is as easy as exposing my bliss. When we are having a session on the phone all time stops, it is only NOW, and she and I. Truly, I have never felt so much movement that is at the same time so gentle. Maybe the sky is falling in, but it is really all okay because I am safe in the Heart of Love. That Heart is Deborah Boyar, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking profound, yet gentle transformation. You bring her the thorns, and she graces you with the rose…and somehow you know that however muddy, murky and yucky the foundation seems, a garden will grow.

Hearing your sweet, caring voice validate me for who I am regardless of where I am was more empowering than I can express with words. Releasing tears while hearing your words was immensely helpful. Thank you for listening to me and for helping to teach me that I am okay just the way I am. I know that’s the truth and that’s what I also want to grow to believe and embody.

Your love and transmission is so sweet, so safe, and so powerful that it absolutely breaks through my barriers to receiving and moves directly into my Heart. Since our session, my life has been filled with the most simple and profound contentment, beyond any I have ever known——-I dropped once again into this place of unification, oneness, seamless connection where there simply is nothing that must be done but rest happily in what is–

When I write you I feel like you get what I’m saying, that even though I’m limited to using words, that you see through the words to the essence of what I’m saying and that not only do you get it, but you care. A rough analogy would be that my words are like a blueprint for a house, and when you look at the words, instead of seeing just the blueprint, the lines, the notations, the little arcs and polygons, etc. you actually see the house, and not only that but you see the details that I can’t even convey in the blueprint but that are there, like Rover running around in the yard barking, or the carnations and lilies around the fountain in the front; thanks.

Your very feminine holding can keep masculine energy from bulldozing too fast.

You always have a fresh perspective that takes into account the depth of others’ points of view and situations.

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