The Eggshell Waltz

Words fail me…..when I feel like this,
fallen with such intensity…. into I know not what.
Pressed full-force, from the inside out,
to meet the one you are.
The I that I am
moving with forceful osmotic pressure
through the membrane
that has separated my heart
from yours………. for so long.
Incarnating…maybe for the first time,
completely, here, now.
No other way to know you fully
got to come all the way in.
into this body, into this world,
into the pain of being fully human,
fully divine.
This multi-dimensional creature I am,
howling with wild primal longing
to touch and be touched
from and at the core
To know you,
to open to the pain of encountering
that which seems to be…. not me!
All my life,
I’ve been dancing the avoid-dance;
the eggshell waltz.
So I hardly know the steps
to dance with you – to let you in.
The impulse to dance with you
is the profoundest mystery,
dismantling all my mis-understanding
and taking me to the root…
To the recognition
of the terror
at the meeting place
of self and other

©Ron Ambes 8/9/03

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