Claim Your Whole Being Realization

A collage I made. This one is all about claiming Whole Being Realization.

One thing I like about this collage is the background images were taken from photos I took in Ireland. You will see the window of an old Abby we visited on the west coast of Ireland – that place had some great energy.

And in the lower right of the collage is the cave-like opening to a sacred well, near the Hill of Tara – collected some water there.

In the upper-right, there is a “Triskele-ated” spiral. I don’t think I took that picture but we saw a lot of ancient carved-in-stone spirals and the triskele theme is all over Ireland.

Then I added some images from well-known paintings.

Back to the whole Being Realization theme. This collage is about surrendering to Goddess initiation (The Goddess is so alive in Ireland) allowing her to “ig-Knight” us. The Goddess of awakening comes when we open to transmission and are willing to surrender to and trust in Being, Consciousness, that field of non-change and pure potential for change… not-yet-manifest Shakti.

After that initiation fully takes place we are able to fully step into our own sovereignty with Self coronation. We claim our realization. We are able to walk in our power. We stand in the Truth of who we are. Dragon reminds us that we are in for a wild ride as we go through the sacred reconfiguration process and eventually manifest our gifts.

Calling you to step into who you truly are… this year.

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