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The Emergence

April 28 - June 29

April 28 through June 29, 2024. 4-5:30 Pacific/7-9:30pm Eastern

The Emergence is an eight-week investigation designed to help participants unleash what’s most alive within them.

Discover new perspectives on Trillium Teachings — Explore embodiment of new understandings and they emerge in the world.

This is a closed group of 12 individuals and will provide encouragement, creative suggestions, and celebration, allowing each person’s uniqueness to emerge without hesitation. There are no prerequisites.

The course unfolds in two segments
— the first focuses on the recognition of the sacred in/as mutuality which highlights the intersection of self, other and universe.
— the second focuses on the responses and actions in the world.

Led by Sandra Glickman, Bill Miller and Cynthia Wolley, this online program will provide an opportunity to recognize the sacred intersection of self/other and universe, what is most alive and how this emerges in the world.

There will be 5 whole group meetings with meditation, gazing, and dialogue and 4 alternate week dyad sessions:
— Whole group meetings 4-5:30 PT / 7-9:30pm ET
Sundays April 28, May 12, June 2, June 16, and Saturday, June 29
— Dyads (participants will arrange a time to meet)
Sundays May 5, May 19, June 9, and June 23


$290 dollars. ($250 early bird rate by 4/19/24).
Refund up to 7x days prior.

How to Register

Email Bill at wmiller@heart-awakening.org
Please send payment through:
Paypal to williammiller@WilliamMillerUS or
Venmo to miller@william-miller-43248


  • Sandra Glickman (teacher)

    In associating with Waking Down – Trillium Awakening since 1996, I have found great joy to be in conversation with people who are intentionally engaged in healing and awakening. My vocation began as Teacher and Psychotherapist. Now I am settled into the adventure of deepening to fullest Whole Being, which means I travel through the many levels of Myself, and of Others who come into our shared field. Lately I’m opening to a wide range of embodied awakening from dense to subtle. So much to Recognize, Embrace, and Express at every level! https://trilliumawakening.org/profile/sandraglickman/

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  • Bill Miller (teacher)

    Bill Miller has been involved in Waking Down/Trillium since 2009, becoming a Full Teacher in the Trillium Awakening Teacher's Circle during 2013. He has conducted many sittings, workshops and retreats in New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Ohio, alone and with fellow Trillium teachers and mentors. He has studied Zen Buddhism and worked as a clinical social worker for many years. He takes an Integral perspective in his work. https://heart-awakening.org/

  • Cynthia Wolley (mentor)

    Cynthia Wolley is a long-time classroom teacher and, in recent years, a poet, whose writing has been published in many literary journals and anthologies. She lives with her husband in a house on a hill overlooking the ocean, about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Cynthia has been a spiritual seeker since an epiphany when she was 19 years old. She has been a participant in Waking Down/TA since February, 2012, and she experienced her Whole Being Realization in August of that year. She has been serving as a mentor since early in 2022.