The first time I saw a picture of the ruins of Macchu Pichu in Peru I was in my mid 20’s. I knew that I wanted to see it in person some time. It took me nearly 30 years to fulfill that desire. By that time I had started studying Peruvian based Shamanic healing practices. I feel honored and fortunate to be learning this healing tradition and find it complements my works as a Trillium Awakening teacher. The Shamanic Healing that I do works with the luminous energy field that surrounds our bodies. It also works with the energy centers in the body, primarily the seven chakras.

My husband, Jeffrey, and I also lead sacred journeys in Peru.

If you are interested in learning more about this healing modality and how it complements Trillium Awakening, please contact me.

I have traveled to Peru 11 times since September 2007. Much of that time while there I was in the company of Shamans. Learning from them, learning to honor more deeply the mystery of who we are, and learning to respect the connection we have to nature and our bonds to Mother Earth, Pachamama.

My husband Jeffrey and I will return to Peru periodically. We invite you to join us there to visit sacred sites, to work with the medicine people and more.

I returned from my 11th or was it the 12th trip to Peru March 2013. In some ways the shifts that come of this trip were both more subtle and more profound than on previous trips there. Did a lot of soul searching and finding there. It was relaxing and profound and transformative. I came back feeling like more “me”. The “me” I have always been under all the “stuff”.

Met a young man who was nursing an injured iguana back to health. When she was nearly healed she crawled over to be with me one morning. We had a delightful time bonding. We called her Nina.


She was surprisingly sweet

I expected her to be all rough and scratchy and afraid of me

but she wasn’t any of these things

I could have spent forever with her

I did spend forever with her

And then she was healed

In the next day or two she winked goodbye and said, “Thanks to your care, I can once again be wild.”

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