Testimonials & Appreciation

“Margit Bantowsky offers online group experiences for participants pursuing and integrating embodied awakening.  She is a very skilled individual who side-steps the traditional role of teacher/instructor for the more artful role of “attuned facilitator.”  She asks participants to explore intelligent and philosophically rich questions relevant to awakened life and then draws out each individual’s unique perspective to coalesce the greater wisdom of the group mind. Her groups feel very safe while sustaining a vital, evolutionary edge.  I find Margit’s monthly online [All Hearts on Deck] groups to be profoundly relevant to my Awakened life and I give them my highest recommendation.” ~ Dean Mott

“Thank you so much Margit for offering and holding this intimate, potent and clear [All Hearts on Deck] space for us to gather. I found your presence so gracious and felt a big invitation for us as a group to really meet and create together. What is still resonating for me is the gift of  being seen in a kind of tender, fledgling state and a deep gratitude for your care and spaciousness.”  ~ S.M., Alberta, Canada

“Margit meets me in the exquisite embrace of gentle witness.  As a profound listener, she brings deep insights into my unique combination of divine and all-to-human self, as we explore in complete safety the essential vulnerability inherent in this journey as a human being.  As “light holder” on this Awakening journey, Margit provides expert guidance, by being with all aspects of this embodiment process, engaging with the felt perceptions of an emotional, sometimes irrational, extremely sensitive, wounded animal…me.

Before working with Margit, I knew there was a spiritual dimension to this journey on Earth. But with Margit’s guidance, I am now deeply connected to Divine Consciousness, and at the same time, connecting to myself as a fully-awake participant in the journey to Wholeness.”   ~ Sherri Dysart, WA

“When I met Margit, I was struggling with an obsessive mind that caused me to be driven and dissociate from my body.  I had head aches, back and neck pain and struggled with fear and anxiety. Thru both group and individual encounters with Margit’s input and witnessing, I have come to occupy my body more fully, experience a greater connection to my place in creation and gain a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and others in this mosaic. Not that I don’t experience these things anymore, but I have the capacity to take them in and be with them and find wisdom and direction from a more whole place in myself.

Margit offered unwavering kindness, and reflections that were so accurate I often learned from them how to articulate what I was experiencing and had no words for. She supported and acknowledged my working with practitioners that have helped my body heal from this life long pattern. She offered guided meditation experiences that were timely, gentle and rich with poignancy and lead to expansions of my awareness. Her intelligence, beauty, strength, clarity, humanness, and love have been an enormous gift to me.”     ~ Marti, Olympia, WA
“Margit provides a sense of acceptance and deep safety that allows me to explore my edges. She listens from a place of Whole Being that allows her to sense into what I am saying beneath my words. I feel she receives all of who I am without judgment, creating a safe space where I can relax into my inner exploration. Her clear understanding and expression of Trillium concepts helps me connect more deeply to the work through my own experience. I appreciate Margit’s warmth and sincerity, and how she helps facilitate Trust in Being as I continue to deepen in this work.”      ~ Debi Bailey, Olympia, WA, Trillium Awakening mentor

“Margit is very gifted in joining people in their self-exploration and quickly hones in on the most important issues. Her discernment is laser-like as she helps catalyze people’s growth and unfolding.”    ~ Kirstin Eventyr, MA, Olympia, WA; Counselor, Healer, Trillium Awakening mentor

“I have known Margit for 20 years and have taken many of her workshops. She is very skilled in creating a safe space for people to explore even the most deep and tender feelings and experiences. Margit’s creativity, modeling, compassion, presence, and humor make her a trustworthy guide for whatever your Being wants to feel, express, or let go of. As a longtime seeker of truth and authentic expression, Margit has truly journeyed the territory she accompanies others through. You will feel met in the core of your Being by this remarkable, soul-full woman.”    ~ Eileen Keller, LMHC, Olympia, WA; Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher

“The word I would use to describe Margit’s style of supporting is “fierce!” She meets me in a fierce way, tracking what is needed in order to take me to my next evolutionary edge. She holds and comforts parts of me that are fearful, and encourages me to include their essential needs in my forward movement. On the other end of the spectrum, she asks me highly attuned provocative questions that get to the heart of my process and inspire me to dare in ways that are in alignment with my heart’s greatest desires. I feel grounded, inspired and called forward as a result of Margit’s mastery. I highly recommend her as a coach and teacher!”      ~ Lena O’Neill, Seattle, WA; interning Trillium Awakening Teacher, Healer

You are so dear and thoughtful and I am so grateful to have you in my life. What you bring to the table of my life continues to be high caliber enrichment with a big dollop of integrity in everything you do. Thank you for you. I am grateful.”

“Dearest Margit,
Here’s what I wanted to say to you in group today:
I love you and I am grateful for your unique way of being in the world. You bring me riches in the form of being able to speak out loud what I’m already feeling but haven’t been able to put into words. I love your sense of humor. Thank you for being you!”

“Dearest Margit,
I cherish your thoughtfulness and sharings so much.  You always strike a rare and deep chord in my being like no one else!  I don’t know what that means but I really appreciate your ‘seeing’ and acknowledging.  May your days be filled with the knowing of how much you gift the world in direct tangible ways as well as your holy unseen (by some) ways.” 

“Margit… you are such a gem. I love your presence and the way you are…you are so special and refreshingly unique… Your integrity and openness in how you express your brightness truly delights my heart and your many skills are a force guided by spirit…I’m grateful to feel love and connection to you.”

“Thank you Margit.
Today was miraculous.  Such courageous women. The atmosphere was sacred. And so easy to Be and trust. And has a lot to do with your energy and approach. I was quite raw and open. Needing the company of like souls. To be authentic in my pain. To breathe. To re-orient. Palms up.”

“Dear Margit,
​I wanted to share an appreciation with you. I was saying this to to a friend a couple weeks ago and felt it again last night. I think you have an amazing gift for honing in on just the right words for feedback.  Like a laser.”

“Dear Margit,
I have just listened to the two sections of the community conference call.  Your framing was impeccable.  You are born to bring encounter to its highest, heartful-est form.  Thank you for your presence in my life and in the world. Sending so much love!”

“Good morning dear Margit,
Thanks for your sweet message.  I understand that you might at times feel like you are fumbling; however, I see you as very skillfully responding to rapidly changing reality.  Moreover, your character and maturity qualify you as fully competent!  You are doing a fantastic job of sensing tensions and making communications.  And you are such a lovely person!”

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