Transmission and Resting in the Wholeness of Radiant Divine Being

Spiritual transmission is an invitation to rest in the wholeness of Radiant Divine Being.

Transmission is (human) being to (human) being communion in the One Being, the One Divine Self, that we already are.

I would recommend thinking of spiritual transmission as more of a resonant field, rather than as an energy beam sent from one person to another.  An amplified resonant Field of Total Being.

Transmission is activation and initiation power.

Transmission is the intensification of the paradoxical whole spectrum or Totality of Divine Being–the Radiant Divine Self.  

There is the magic of spiritual transmission, that is similar to the magic of whole unconditional love. 

Transmission happens in a context of relationship. In simple terms, there is the “transmitter” and the receptive “receiver”.  The receptivity or hunger of the receiver is what activates or evokes the fuller intensity of the transmission.

That which we already are is what is being transmitted. That’s why potent transmission touches our hearts and moves our being, and feels deeply familiar. Being/being is being transmitted to Being/being.

Transmission is a resonant reminder of who we already are.  

Transmission is a catalytic fertilizer and accelerator of our unique spiritual flowering for the realization of the whole spectrum of Being that we are.

Transmission is a form of magnified Grace.  We awaken through Grace.

Whole Being Realization is not so much an awakening into some exalted state, as it is more of a “remembering”, of who we already are, who we really are—one Wholeness of Total Being—the Wholeness of the Supreme Heart.

There is only the singular Totality of Radiant Divine Being. One Ultimate Unified Field, that is simultaneously unmanifested and manifested. We each and all are That.

Paradoxically, the seamless Divine Self is simultaneously both a diverse individuated multiplicity and a Primordial Oneness.  An ultimate paradox of the inherent marriage/unity of the relative and the absolute.  Thus, we each and all are both matter and spirit, localized and transcendental, human and divine, simultaneously.

Whole Being Realization is the capacity of stable recognition, or remembering in the living moment, of an inherent and paradoxical Wholeness of Being, that we already are. Simply put, we each are simultaneously finite and infinite, human and divine—we are both local physical animals and the indivisible Unified Field of Existence, all at the same time.

Transmission is a living communication of this paradoxical Ultimate Reality through resonance, osmosis, and catalytic immersion. A bit like plugging into a “fire hydrant” that is pumping out intensified Whole Being juice. A human and divine animal is communicating to a fellow human and divine animal, through the medium of awakened conscious love. 

We are being amped up to feel and be That which we already are–to feel and be the Unified Field, in which we are already swimming. It is already and always the truth of our being/Being.

Rest in and as this one Wholeness and Totality of Radiant Divine Being, that is simultaneously unmanifested and manifested. 

The Totality of Whole Divine Being, or the Absolute Divine Self, cannot be known or experienced by the individual as some type of Supreme Object, since It is the all-inclusive singular Allness-Totality of Existence.  It is utter Measurelessness!

However, there are three main aspects of the Total Self-Allness that we can experience and feel with the aid the activated Being-transmission–the Empty Silence of transcendental awareness, Radiant Supreme Love and nectarous Bliss, and all-pervading Divine Energy (Kundalini Shakti-current). 

Through the intensification stimulated by Whole Being transmission, we may viscerally experience a mixture of the mind becoming more silent, a feeling of being intoxicated with adorational love-devotion and ecstasy, and the body subtly buzzing with heightened pleasurable vibratory fullness or intensity.  The body-mind may become more diffuse or even melted into the seamless Unified Field.  

The body-mind is a materialized, incarnated form of the Divine Self, since the Divine Self is paradoxically simultaneously both unmanifested and manifested.  We each and all are a simultaneous both/and “sandwich” of the Big Transcendental Self and the local small self.

Transmission resonates through our being and intensifies this Ultimate Reality of the seamless effulgent Totality of the Self.

Inherent Being is being revealed to individuated Being. In ultimate truth, there is only One Wholeness of Being—the one ultimate Divine Unified Field.  There is only That, which is This.

Rest and abide in and as the Wholeness of Radiant Divine Being.

Paradoxically seamless–an All-inclusive Totality.

August 20, 2019

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