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Trillium Awakening Thailand Retreat – March 2024

March 7

1 space is now available on this very special retreat – please apply to Rod Taylor at wholebeingevolution@gmail.com.

9-Day Retreat – March 7 to 16, 2024
Whole Being Soul Realization: Living Awake as Fire of Life

5-Day Retreat Extension – March 16 to 21, 2024
Whole Being Soul Fulfillment: Living Awake as Sacred Self

9-Day Retreat – March 7 to 16, 2024

Whole Being Soul Realization: Living Awake as Fire of Life

Awakening and awakened whole being realizers are invited to come together in Thailand to
accelerate their evolutionary unfoldment through deep mutual engagement, potent group
transmission, and transformative whole being processes.

This will be a mutuality-based, co-created retreat experience in which the collective conscious
heart nature of the group will contribute an activating field of expression and creation to evolve
the content, focus, and flow of the retreat each day. The retreat’s pre-planned content will be
profound and also open to enhancement and adjustment according to the group’s evolving
collective conscious awareness.

Large group, small group, dyad, and triad activities led by teachers and mentors will be used to
enhance interactions, experiences, and realizations for maximizing evolution for each
participant. Regular sharing and processing in small groups facilitated by a teacher and a
mentor will offer opportunity for individual exploration of personal life issues, whole being
realization processes, and awakened evolution living.

Retreat Venue:
Link Family Beach Homes, Pattaya, Thailand

Attendee Limit:
21 participants

Price for 9-Day Retreat:
$1197 USD

1. Current or past Trillium Awakening or Waking Down participant living in Whole-Being
Realization (Confirmed by Trillium Awakening or Waking Down, or by conversation with a
Thailand Retreat 2024 teacher)
2. Trillium or Waking Down participant opening in aspects of WB Realization, who has
attended a Trillium Awakening or Waking Down multi-day event, and has recently been
working with a Trillium Awakening teacher – or another approved equivalency

5-Day Retreat Extension – March 16 to 21, 2024
Whole Being Soul Fulfillment: Living Awake as Sacred Self

This special retreat extension offers a profound opportunity to drop deeper into your whole
being realization and further realize your singular soul-self nature.

The retreat team will provide fresh insight and activating approaches for tuning into your whole
being essence and discovering the sacred nature of your personal self.

Attendance at the 9-Day Trillium Thailand Retreat, March 7 to 16, 2024

Price for 5-Day Retreat Extension:
$597 US

For Retreat Details and Registration application:
Send completed application to Rod Taylor at wholebeingevolution@gmail.com


  • Rod Taylor (teacher)

    Rod Taylor is an international teacher of conscious embodied non-dual awakening. He is the founder of the Whole-Being Evolution Path™, creator of the Whole-Being Evolution Map, and author of the book New Principles of Awakened Relationship.  For over 40 years he has been teaching spiritual awakening knowledge and techniques, and since 2007 has been offering workshops and coaching services as a member of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle.  Rod is a member of the Trillium Awakening Visionary Council and a certified Trillium Awakening Whole Being Realization Clarifier. He has a Master of Adult Education degree and post-secondary certification in Conflict Resolution. Teaching and coaching in the field of whole being realization is Rod’s passion and his joy. He lives with his beloved wife Andrea on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

  • Ralf Humphries (interning teacher)

    Ralf Humphries enjoyed a distinguished academic career in the 1990’s, before turning sharply inward in 2003 and spending five years as a Buddhist recluse. Following a dramatic fall-to-earth at the end of his monastic life, Ralf entered a period of reconfiguration, and arrived at the doorstep of Trillium Awakening in 2011. It was with the “Being Seen, Being Met, Being Loved” support of this community that he realized his whole-being nature in May, 2013. In the last ten years, Ralf has worked as a psychotherapy educator and a senior mental health clinician. He currently has a private practice as a therapist, is a teacher with Trillium Awakening, and a guide for the Whole Being Evolution Path. Ralf lives with his beloved life partner in Melbourne, Australia.    

  • Van Nguyen (teacher)

    Van Nguyen has been a teacher of this path since 1996, is a member of the Elders Council of the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle, and is one of the original Clarifiers. Van contributed to the formulation of the dharma in the early days of this work, as well as, helped in the training of new teachers for serving the awakening process of the many students, who have come into this path over the years. He also has a keen interest and devotion towards the Feminine Face of Supreme Divine Being. As such, he feels that Radiant Supreme Love is the Heart of the metaphorical "Body of Existence”, unified with Transcendental Consciousness, which is the the fundamental Ground-field of this “Body”. Van lives with his beloved life partner near Sedona, Arizona.

  • Ardith Dean (teacher)

    In 2006, Ardith was inspired to begin the journey to Whole Being Realization after watching a dear friend who was involved in “this work” be transformed. In 2012, she became a full Trillium Awakening Teacher. “This TA work has profoundly changed my life. Sharing this work and the gifts it can bring is my passion." Ardith has been a Reiki practitioner for over 35 years and has served as a certified Breath Practitioner for almost 29 years. Most recently she completed the teacher training programs for Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process. Ardith lives in a small town called Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories in Canada, where she has owned and operated a music studio while raising her two boys. https://trilliumawakening.org/profile/ardithdean/

  • Felix Danai Link (mentor)

    Felix Link is a long term participant in Trillium Awakening and now as an experienced mentor he is excited to be of service to you on your journey with Trillium. Born to German parents and having grown up in Thailand,  he moved back to Bangkok in 2017 after 12 years or so of being a passionate seeker. He's lived in Nepal for a couple of years to dive deep with Tibetan Buddhism, a year at a spiritist centre in Brazil, and beyond that has spent years with different paths and various forms of therapy, trying to find what he eventually found with Trillium. Which is to say: much greater well-being, connection and a sense of freedom.

  • Debbie Amos (mentor)

    Debbie Amos has been actively involved with Trillium Awakening since 2009. Listening to the audiobook of Saniel Bonder’s Waking Down around that time, she immediately recognised an approach that was in alignment with her own felt sense—one that valued the whole person, held space for the transformation that can come with investigation of self and other as well as consciousness, and which recognises them as part of the same whole. Her path with Trillium Awakening lead to a spiritual awakening—but also a personal awakening into a rich fullness of self. Debbie has a Bachelor of Psychology, teaches meditation, mindfulness, and Qigong, and is a Transformational coach. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Cory Coops (mentor)

    Cory Coops has been enthusiastically engaged in Trillium Awakening since 2016. In 2017 he dropped into his initial whole being awakening. This culminated in the recognition that his essential nature is the paradox of infinite consciousness and the complexity of ever evolving human life. As a participant, the deep acceptance, unconditional love and authenticity that is embodied by the Trillium support team inspired him to become a mentor. This has allowed him the joyous (and catalytic) opportunity to support people in their own unique process of self discovery. Cory has over a decade experience of working as a mental health support worker, a bachelor of psychology and is trained in Hakomi; a mindfulness based somatic therapy.

  • Debi Bailey (interning teacher)

    Debi Bailey became involved in Waking Down in 2013. She felt as though she had come home to herself in all of her deeply flawed and vulnerable humanity. She continues to deepen in the work of Trillium Awakening, had her WBR in 2015, and became a mentor in 2018. It has been a long journey of learning to deeply embrace the perfect imperfection of being human. The hardest and most challenging experiences in her life are also the ones that have provided the most growth. These experiences also help her to have compassion and understanding rather than judgement, allowing her to listen from a place of open heart to create safe space, deep listening and presence to help others explore what is up for them in this moment.

  • Sharlotte Eiland (mentor)

    Sharlotte Eiland: I think a big strength I can offer is that I’ve looked deeply inside myself, encountered excruciating  pain and fears, seen the worst of my survival patterns, and have emerged to feel huge  compassion and understanding for myself. I know all my parts are divine, and that all my survival  patterns are there to try to help me, no matter how shameful they may feel. I know the  incredible healing power of being able to hold myself, and know this to be true not just for  myself, but for all of us.